Monday Morning Quarterback: The Turk Cometh

Kansas City's final preseason game was quick and relatively painless. The Chiefs didn't do much on either side of the ball, but we all knew the sole purpose of the game was to get it over with and come out without any serious injuries. The Chiefs accomplished that, but now they have to trim their roster down from 75 to 53 players by 3 p.m. central time on Saturday.

To be honest, Kansas City's 10-9 victory didn't shed much light on the upcoming roster cuts. The final roster was probably close to being set well before kick-off. There were a few guys who stepped up, but most of the players who I thought were a lock to make the team didn't lose their roster spots.

The positive aspect on defense was the play of the starters. Considering the lack of blitzing, and nothing from the ‘Falcon' defense, they looked solid. They tackled well and brought an attitude from the first snap.

The downside was an inability to get to the quarterback. Jimmy Wilkerson had a sack, but Lional Dalton missed an easy one in the third quarter when he let Jamie Martin wiggle out of his grasp. That can't happen in the regular season, especially for Dalton, a backup making starter's money.

On offense, Damon Huard did very little to establish himself as the number two quarterback, but unless the Chiefs make a trade for a veteran, he's the guy who'll spell relief for Trent Green. Rookie Brodie Croyle played well, but his inexperience is a risk the Chiefs just can't afford take at this stage of the season.

It wouldn't shock me if they made a move and signed another veteran quarterback before Saturday or after the bye week in September.

One name to keep an eye on is Titans' quarterback Billy Volek, who on Thursday waived his no-trade clause in hopes of escaping Tennessee. Volek was not happy when the Titans signed Kerry Collins this week.

Another position that has to be addressed in the next couple of days is wide receiver. Rookie Jeff Webb led the Chiefs in receiving on Thursday night, and his improvement from Saturday's game was noticeable. But beyond Eddie Kennison, Samie Parker and Dante Hall, this team has very little experience. Chris Hannon has a legitimate shot at making the team because he's the gunner on special teams. But his offensive upside might be equally as good and the Chiefs could lose him if they try and sneak him on the practice squad.

Another veteran who could help the Chiefs is wide receiver Kevin Johnson. He's recovered from an ACL injury that sidelined him during 2005. Of all the receivers on the open market, he's the most experienced. But with that type of injury, the Chiefs will need to make sure he's ready to play the season opener.

That might not be the only offensive roster spot that could change. With the injury to fullback Ronnie Cruz, the Chiefs might scour the waiver wire to find a backup. Head coach Herm Edwards did say that he expects Cruz will be ready for the opener.

So now we wait for the Chiefs to make their cuts. Who they cut, release or trade remains to be seen, but Edwards said there could be as many as 20 new players on the roster. Top Stories