Nuge's Blog: Reviewing The Cuts

Well, there it is. The speculation is over. There were maybe one or two surprises, but realistically, everyone in Kansas City saw most of these cuts coming. Eight may be back; the Chiefs can establish their practice squad on Sunday.

Some of the guys who made the team are more surprising than guys who didn't. Rookie wide receivers Jeff Webb and Chris Hannon made it, Webb on the strength of a strong offseason and back-to-back preseason games. Hannon made the team because of his fantastic special teams play. He made Darrell Hill expendable with his ability as a gunner, and also has more upside.

Running back Derrick Ross impressed the Chiefs throughout the entire preseason. The Chiefs were fortunate when he decided to try out. Ross is a solid running back.

Come to think of it, every rookie the Chiefs acquired on the second day this year made the team. Cornerback Marcus Maxey, tackle-turned-guard Tre Stallings and safety Jarrad Page all got the nod. I can't remember the last time that happened.

Let's look at some of the more notable cuts:

DT Junior Siavii - Most Chiefs fans are thinking it's about time. Since being drafted in the second round in 2004, Siavii has done mostly nothing for the Chiefs. He's talented, but he gave every indication that he just wasn't into it. He probably should never have been drafted and will go down as one of the biggest busts in team history.

QB Casey Printers - Printers will probably make the practice squad. Despite his talent, the Chiefs felt that Printers wasn't ready to be a backup. Don't worry, Printers fans. I have a feeling he'll eventually make the team.

RB Quentin Griffin - Griffin is a great runner. Unfortunately, he's too small. At 5-foot-7, 190 (yeah, right) pounds, there's no way he could be trusted in pass protection. His size also prevents him from being serviceable on special teams, except as a kick returner, and the Chiefs have plenty besides Dante Hall.

DE Clint Mitchell - In the end, Mitchell just isn't quick enough to beat offensive tackles off the edge. With his 6-foot-6 wingspan, he could bat down passes, but a defensive end has to do more. You have to be able to rush the passer, and in the end, Mitchell couldn't get it done.

DE Carlos Hall - Hall has all the tools to be a good defensive end in the NFL. Unfortunately, he's too brittle. What use would anyone have for a Ferrari that keeps breaking down? Hall is one of the guys that defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham brought with him from the Tennessee Titans, but ultimately he couldn't stay on the field.

Practice squad predictions:

Casey Printers

Nick Reid

J.R. Niklos

William Kershaw

Justin Perkins

McKenzi Smith

Stephen Williams

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