Top Eight Free Agents

The final roster cuts of the 2006 NFL season came and went with little fanfare on Saturday. Charles Rogers of the Detroit Loins topped the list as the biggest name to be released but there were no blue chip malcontents or cap casualties as in years past. Here is a look at the players I consider to be the best available free agents on the market.

RB Ron Dayne released by the Denver Broncos- Ron Dayne can still be productive in the right system. He looked fantastic at times with the Broncos and if Gary Kubiak has his wits about him Dayne will be a Texan by the end of the day.

WR Darius Watts released by the Denver Broncos- From a potential standpoint, Watts has caught my eye every time I've seen him play. The kid is electric when he has the ball in his hands and would be good bargain for any team that's going into the season thin at wide receiver.

QB Stefan LeFors released by the Carolina Panthers- Coming out of Louisville last season I said that Stefan LeFors had the potential to be the next Rich Gannon and I continue to stand behind that statement. He might need a year or two in NFL Europe to catch up with his peers but I've seen in him many of the intangibles that often earmark a great quarterback.

WR Charles Rogers released by the Detroit Lions- Had a huge rookie season but has not been able to stay healthy since. He's a REAL number two talent and would be worth latching on to as a team's fourth receiver. If healthy, he's an instant upgrade to 75 percent of NFL rosters.

RB Najeh Davenport released by the Green Bay Packers- Davenport has always impressed me as a ball carrier and he's filled in nicely when the injury bug hit Green Bay. At one point I thought he might even challenge Ahman Green to become the starter.

DE Carlos Hall released by the Kansas City Chiefs- Carlos Hall is a bonafide NFL pass rusher with great skills. Unfortunately he rarely gets to put those talents to use in a game because he's injured so often. Still, for this late in the game he's the best defender on the board and he'd be worth the gamble for any team that's in need of a pass rush.

WR Peter Warrick released by the Seattle Seahawks- Warrick's days as a starting receiver might be behind him but he's still a dangerous return man. Redskins? Broncos? Tampa Bay? Any takers?

OG Toniu Fonoti released by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Two years ago Fonoti was one of the best guards in the NFL. Since his release from San Diego he's become a journeyman. He's always been extremely heavy, so I'm guessing that his weight has become his downfall. With that being said, I think a team like the Saints should look at him closely. If you are interested in three yards and a cloud of dust then Fonoti's your guy.

WR Tyrone Calico released by the Tennessee Titans- Calico falls in the same category as Rogers. He's a great talent, but can't stay healthy. The mere prospect of getting him healthy and back on the field should intrigue more than a few teams. Top Stories