Nuge's Nuggets

What a brutal game. Not only did the Chiefs lose the game, but they lost quarterback Trent Green, maybe for the next six weeks. After left tackle Willie Roaf retired this summer, Green was the one player the Chiefs could not afford to lose. Despite that, he was in more peril than anyone on Sunday.

One hit from Bengals defensive end Jumpy Geathers put the season in jeopardy. I don't care what anyone says, the hit was illegal. Green had given himself up, and Geathers still went low to make contact with Green. My family's prayers go out to the Green family, and here's hoping he's healthy soon.

If there's any player in the NFL that can get up, it is Green. Look at his career. It's his pattern. It's part of his makeup. He's a tough guy and he will return from this. He always has.

The only really surprising thing about Green's hit was that it took place downfield. Watching the game, the Chiefs didn't do a very good job protecting him. I would have been scared to death. Jordan Black, the replacement for starter Kevin Sampson, wasn't looking that great at tackle, so they moved him to guard. Not exactly a ringing endorsement for poor Jordan. The hit wasn't Black's fault, but you could sense that a big hit was coming.

The coaches didn't help either, calling straight dropbacks on just about every pass play. With two questionable tackles, the Chiefs need to help out the line. More play-action passes and draws would go a long way towards slowing the pass rush.


Make sure to keep an eye on the safety position. Rookie safety Jarrad Page got in the game, like the coaching staff said he would, but he went way longer than even he thought he would. I talked to him, and he was actually surprised that he played as long as he did. He was supposed to be involved in some packages, but ended up playing safety in the base defense. The Chiefs secondary looked a lot better with Page in the game. He was able to make plays Sammy Knight could not.

What it all boils down to is that there COULD be some changes in the secondary pretty soon. Stay tuned.


The Chiefs aren't unhappy with Will Svitek; they just can't trust him yet. He still plays pretty immaturely at times, and the Chiefs need him to be a consistent, relatively level-headed player, something he's hasn't shown he can do yet. He's going to need more time. Top Stories