Two Plus Two: After Hard Hit Huard Led KC

This is the second time I've tried this format in a column and the response was so overwhelming after the first effort, I think we're going to continue throughout the season. Both of my readers sent email indicating their happiness with the inaugural edition. Thank you for your fine encouragement. In the future, I'll thank you to leave my mother out of the discussion.


1. Damon Huard outplayed Trent Green in the season opener, but most Chiefs fans don't think we can win a game with Huard behind center. If the offensive line doesn't offer him any protection, I'll agree. But if they give him some time, he'll deliver the ball to his receivers. He's been in this system for a while. He knows how to run it and has the confidence of his teammates and coaches. He also has my confidence, but I would advise you that I'm an opinion columnist, not an expert like our analyst Mike Campbell and beat reporter, Mike Nugent. For an opinion that is meaningful, ask those guys if Huard can win games as the Chiefs interim QB. For those of you who are in love with Trent Green, please direct all hate mail to Nick Athan – he's used to it.

2. Three out of the four AFC West teams are in the cellar along with the Chiefs. As I write this, the Chargers are wiping the field with the Raiders. They'll be all alone atop the division. For clarification, this portion of my column is supposed to be positive. The positive is "at least the other guys lost, too". I'm trying to look at the big picture, guys. This is week one of a 17-week NFL season. There's a lot of football left to be played. The Chiefs will respond to the adversity presented to them in week 1. Will they respond with strength and tenacity, or will they roll over and give up the season? I plan to keep watching. You should as well.


1. Sammy Knight was benched after missing multiple assignments during the first half of Sunday's home opener. Rookie Jarrad Page took his place and performed well. Page is one heck of an athlete. He was rated the third-best cornerback in the nation as a prep athlete and only switched to safety after arriving at UCLA. The Chiefs took Bernard Pollard in the second round of the draft, but when Page was still on the board in the seventh round, the Chiefs jumped on him. The Chiefs staff erupted into applause and high-fived one another after securing Page, so they clearly thought they got an incredible value. All indications are that he'll get the start in Denver as well. Keep your eye on him but remember that he's a rookie. He'll miss some assignments but Herm and Gun feel he gives us the best chance of winning at this juncture.

2. Willie Roaf has finally called a press conference in order to give Chiefs fans and front office personnel some closure to "The Missing Left Tackle Capers". This will be the first time in the history of the NFL that a future Hall-of-Famer retired due to a pulled hamstring. Much respect goes out to Big Willie, but the way he's departed the City of Fountains leaves a lot of questions for the fans. Not to worry, though - we have Nancy Drew on the case. Hopefully we'll have more answers for you after Roaf shares some of his thoughts with us during the press conference.

Obviously I could have spent a lot of time dwelling on the negatives from the Bengals game, but I don't see how that's productive (not to mention the format calls for two positive points and two negative). Let's look towards week two and hope for the best. Week one was one game, and it's over. It's not coming back, ever. The Chiefs will lose again this year. Hopefully they'll win enough to take a shot at the postseason. If they don't, I'm still going to have a nice time tailgating before home games and chatting about the team on the forums of Warpaint Illustrated. We hope to see you there.

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