Ease Off The Head Chief

It was hard to watch Sunday's game and come out of it with anything positive to say. The star quarterback got injured on a brutal hit, the Arrowhead crowd was silenced the entire second half and the Chiefs have to go into Denver 0-1 with absolutely no momentum.

Fans, coaches and even Carl Peterson were forced to put their head down in shame after what looked to be a close game in the first quarter. It was a bad day for Herm Edwards in his first game as the head coach in Red & Gold (or white), but he is not at fault.

Traveling through Chiefs message boards all over the net, I was shocked and truly disappointed to see all the Herm Edwards bashing after just one game. Reading words like ‘conservative' had me thinking that Jets fans really did get into some Chiefs fans heads. The truth is, given the circumstances, no coach could have done any better then Herm did in his first game. Dante Hall's dropped punt, Jordan Black's horrid play and Trent Green's unfortunate injury cannot be put on Herm's shoulders. There comes a point in time where you have to blame just the players. Herm did everything he could to lead the Chiefs to a win, but he's not capable of overcoming inept personnel.

To call Herm conservative after Sunday's game is ridiculous. He was the exact opposite. He did very uncharacteristic things like running a reverse on the first play of the game, calling a fake punt and bailing out on the run game when the Chiefs were getting five yards per carry. Most fans have pointed to the second drive of the game when the offense was inside the 20 and ran the ball on third and five. When asked about this, Herm chalked it up to missed communication. He went on to say that Mike Solari made the error. That ends any speculation that Herm was shutting down the offense inside the red zone.

It seems to be a foregone conclusion that Edwards' old ways will take over and force him to shut down the offense, but after watching the season opener it's pretty obvious that when Green is the starting quarterback, Herm will let Solari move the ball downfield. While Damon Huard is the quarterback, I expect the Chiefs will play a ball-control offense. It's the best way to try and win games and remain in the playoff hunt until Green returns.

Fans must understand that the Chiefs are simply changing the offense depending on the quarterback. The Chiefs won't throw the ball as much when Huard is starting, but that's only because he's not Trent Green. The offense will look different when Green is back.

This is not the time to question our head coach. This is the time to stand behind him and show him why Chiefs fans are the best in the NFL. Herm deserves more than one season and he certainly deserves more than one game to show what he's capable of. As Larry Johnson said, it's Denver week, and if you're not pumped up about that, you're not a true Chiefs fan.

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