Two Plus Two

I try to cover fresh topics in my column but I'll be the first to admit that it's a challenge after the Chiefs' bye week. In fact, we'll throw that requirement out this time. If you're not familiar with my work, I'm not an expert. I'm just a guy sharing my thoughts. Those thoughts might be absolutely correct or could be a mile off. I hope only to provoke thought and possibly even entertain you.

Trent Green:

This is a topic I wanted to cover this week and it's the entire reason I threw out my "fresh take" rule. The Trent Green debate has been beaten to death via almost every media format, be it television, radio, newspapers or internet message boards. today published a "Bartles and James" letter from Trent himself, thanking fans for their support. Two Saturdays ago, Fox Sports published a phone interview with Trent that indicated he was feeling better and he'd be examined on Tuesday (Sept 19th). Herm Edwards indicated that Green came out to Arrowhead for a team photo at some point last week. On Monday, he was officially declared "out" for the 49ers game. He's still reportedly unable to drive himself anywhere.

The chicken littles scream "HE'S DONE." The optimists still think he'll be back for the Cardinals games Oct. 8th. The Chiefs are saying plenty about the situation but nothing definitive. Here are the facts.

1. Green's head hit the ground incredibly hard and he was unconscious for over 10 minutes.

2. He was diagnosed with a severe concussion.

3. He's not been placed on Injured Reserve.

4. Trent Green is 36 years old, has a family and has collected his final signing bonus.

Those are really the only facts we have. What can we deduce from them? Not much. He's not out for the season because he's still on the 53-man roster. He's probably not coming back for a payday. Most importantly, his brain has been injured. We're talking about his brain, not a knee or an elbow. This is not a matter of limping around at 50 or never being able to lift your arm above your head – those are physical challenges that many retired players face. Green's injury is much more serious.

The Chiefs won't likely share much useful information with fans until a decision is made to sit out the season, retire or come back and play this year. For reference, see Priest Holmes, Willie Roaf and all the other recent Chiefs player injuries and suspensions.

Is the Trent Green saga worthy of discussion? Certainly, but be aware that everything you see will be of a speculative nature until you see Trent Green on that field taking snaps with the clock running.

My neighbor's mom cuts Trent's brother's hair and heard he's retiring. This rumor is true - he will retire - one day.


The Chiefs have 14 games yet to play. Best case scenario is 14-2, which is not bloody likely. Maybe the Chiefs will get their offense and defense in sync soon. This week is the best possible time for the 49ers to come to Kansas City. San Francisco is a weak team that was fortunate to beat a mediocre Rams squad in week two. Based upon the performance I saw Sunday against Philadelphia, that win against the Rams could well be their only one this season.

The Chiefs then travel to Arizona to face a perennially weak Cardinals squad. A win would put Kansas City at .500 going into a road trip against the Steelers, a team who has struggled to produce offensively thus far. Looking ahead four weeks brings the Chargers to Arrowhead. I have the Chargers as the best team in the NFL this season and almost certainly a loss. So, depending on how the Chiefs perform at Heinz Field, we're probably looking at a 3-3 or 2-4 team, or worse if they drop one unexpectedly to the Cardinals or Niners.


This is a positive point. I'm guaranteeing a win Sunday. That is all.

Matt Leinart:

As announced by the ESPN Monday Night Football crew, Matt Leinart will be starting this weekend in place of Kurt Warner, who turned in a three-turnover performance on Sunday. One can reasonably assume the Chiefs will face Leinart when they travel to Arizona in week five. Gunther Cunningham-led defenses always attack rookie quarterbacks and do so with success most of the time. Look for plenty of pressure on Leinart and the resulting turnovers that pressure generally brings. I can't remember the last time a rookie quarterback beat a Gunther Cunningham defense. In fact, I challenge you to visit us on our message board to submit the last time you remember it happened.

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