Nuge's Nuggets

The Chiefs reached an injury settlement with defensive lineman John Browning on Saturday. Somehow, it managed to slip through the cracks, but I just wanted to take the time to thank Browning for his time in Kansas City.

A very quiet man, Browning was the sort of player who never drew attention to himself. He just played football, and did it well. Drafted by the Chiefs in 1996 out of West Virginia, Browning was the longest tenured defensive player on the roster, giving the Chiefs 10 years before injuring his back this offseason. This is likely the end of Browning's NFL career.

I don't want this to read like an obituary, so I'll just say that there wasn't a classier, more team-oriented player on this team, and I'm going to miss seeing him play. Fair winds and following seas, John.


Looks like Derrick Ross may be seeing the field pretty soon. The Chiefs like him as a running back, but need him to contribute on special teams, and they definitely need to make sure he understands the pass protection schemes. He's been working his tail off and it's starting to show, according to sources. It's just a matter of time.


Having added yet another cornerback to the team, it makes you wonder how settled the Chiefs really are at the position. I know the new guy won't make the field anytime soon, and the Chiefs are definitely settled at the top three spots with Patrick Surtain, Ty Law and Lenny Walls, but they keep bringing in developmental guys. Law's no spring chicken, and neither is Surtain, so it makes me wonder if the Chiefs are already looking to the future. Top Stories