Brodie Time?

This wasn't the plan or the time, but the Kansas City Chiefs could be starting their third quarterback since the season opener today. First, Trent Green went down in Week 1. His replacement, Damon Huard, tweaked his groin in practice on Thursday. With an important game on Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks, the Chiefs could send rookie quarterback Brodie Croyle out for his first NFL start.

Through six games this season, the Chiefs have utilized four of their seven draft picks. Tamba Hali has been a starter since day one, rookie safety Jarrad Page is getting more playing time with each game, Bernard Pollard is a productive special teams player and wide receiver Jeff Webb has seen some action. But Croyle, drafted in third round, has only seen mop-up duty against the Steelers.

That could all change today. The young gun from Alabama may not be ready by NFL standards, but that won't mean much if Huard can't go. The only other option is CFL castoff Casey Printers.

Before we predict the outcome of Sunday's game, we have to look at how Croyle made it on KC's roster. Heading into the draft, several general managers and head coaches thought the skinny Crimson Tide quarterback would be selected on day one.

Some scouts thought Croyle was too small, but he was a winner in college. If not for Croyle, the resurrection of the Alabama program might have taken another turn after former Tide head coach Dennis Franchione bolted for the Big 12 conference, leaving a wake of uncertainty in Tuscaloosa.

Instead of leaving Alabama like his coach, Croyle stuck it out and carried the team on his back. Ask any Alabama fan, and they'll tell you that Croyle is one of the most loved football players to ever wear the Crimson Tide uniform. Will he get a chance to start a relationship with another sea of red fans this weekend?

The Seahawks will be counting on an inexperienced quarterback themselves come Sunday. Seneca Wallace will make his first NFL start in place of the injured Matt Hasselbeck. Clearly, Wallace has more experience than Croyle, but at least the Chiefs have the advantage of playing at home.

If Croyle ends up starting tomorrow, what can Chiefs fans expect? The answer to that question is nearly impossible to answer, but one thing is certain. Croyle won't be fazed or in awe of the game. He's unflappable and he'll be prepared.

For head coach Herm Edwards, this has to be a horrible nightmare. He left New York last year in part because he had to shuffle five different starting quarterbacks. In Kansas City, he's on number three, and the team just activated Printers, the fourth quarterback.

With Green at least three weeks away from his second start of the season, and Huard likely not ready for another week, Croyle could take center stage at Arrowhead. He'll either give us a preview of the man he'll be or stink it up like only a rookie quarterback can.

My guess is it won't be the latter. Croyle played in a lot of big games at Alabama, but none will be bigger than the one he'll play on Sunday in Kansas City. Top Stories