Nuge's Nuggets: Dodging A Bullet

I can't remember the last time I saw a team dominate another statistically, and yet come that close to losing a football game. The Kansas City Chiefs came dangerously close to losing a game that should have been won by the fourth quarter.

The Chiefs squeaked out a 35-28 win in a game where they doubled up the Seattle Seahawks in total yards, time of possession and first downs. They quadrupled the Seahawks net rushing yards, and yet the game wasn't in hand until the 'Hawks came up short on fourth down with a minute left in the game.

Turnovers absolutely killed the Chiefs. They put the ball on the ground five times and lost three of them. I'm not sure if they were bored or just mucking things up, but this team, win or not, will have to get better if they want to make the playoffs. This team has resiliency, but doesn't appear to have a killer instinct.

That will need to change. The Chiefs are right back in the thick of the AFC West race. With the Denver Broncos dropping one to the Colts today, the Chiefs are a game back. There're no excuses now. The defense is much improved over last year, and Damon Huard has been playing well in the absence of starter Trent Green.


Note to everyone who thinks Huard should be the starter over a healthy Green:

Stop it.

Stop it now.

Huard has played well since Green went down against the Cincinnati Bengals, but he's no Green. Green is undoubtedly the starting quarterback. When he's healthy, he gives the Chiefs a better chance to win than any other quarterback on the roster. Whenever he makes it back, Green will be the starter. No one runs this offense better than Green.

Huard's had four good games for this team. Green's had about 60. The team respects him. They love him. They play better because of him. If Green loses his spot, let it be because there's another guy better than him. No offense to Huard, he's playing great, but in a big game, I'd rather have a healthy Green.


For the second week in a row, Larry Johnson found running lanes and had a fantastic day against the Seahawks. The line has done a great job controlling the line of scrimmage in the running game, and that's paying big dividends for LJ. People started saying that Johnson was running timidly, but truthfully, he was showing patience and trying to find a hole. Until the last couple of weeks, there weren't many.

It appears that maybe the Chiefs are turning the corner in the running game. That'll help whoever is playing quarterback. Top Stories