Colquitt's First Pass Forgettable

Every once in awhile you have one of those moments in life that you want to forget. On Sunday, Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt made one memorable play that fans won't soon forget. But the important thing about Colquitt's incomplete pass-turned-fumble that resulted in a Seahawks touchdown is that it never happens ever again.

Last weekend, kicker Lawrence Tynes was the hero with his game-winning field goal. This week, Colquitt nearly became the goat.

"The holder (Colquitt) looked like he was attempting to throw the ball, but it was just rolling out of his hand without any control," said Morelli. "Therefore, it's a fumble rather than a forward pass."

Colquitt had another take on the play.

"If I thought it was a fumble, I would have run after (Herndon)."

Still, you can't blame Colquitt for trying to make a play. Holders are taught to look for their outlet receiver on each side of the field. In this case, Colquitt was trying to get the ball to linebacker Keyaron Fox, who was on the wing a few yards in front of him. Instead, Herndon got in the way and was the benefactor of a bad call.

Head coach Herm Edwards could do very little.

"They said he fumbled," said Edwards. "When they make calls and you challenge something, that's it. You can't go over there and huddle up again and make them look at it differently."

Colquitt had little choice but to try and shake it off. After the game he was clearly upset with himself.

"I just don't think they're going to let them do any big games this year," said Colquitt of Morelli's crew. "I made a mistake. Listen, I'm not going to sit there and say it was wrong. I mean, I gripped the laces and I did what I thought was a forward pass."

Clearly, the officiating was poor in this game, but Colquitt should have handled the snap correctly. We take for granted that the trio of long-snapper Kendall Gammon, Colquitt and Tynes don't make mistakes. They rarely do, and luckily it didn't cost the Chiefs a win.

Fortunately, Colquitt didn't dwell on the play. Late in the fourth quarter Colquitt drilled a 50-yard punt that pinned the Seahawks deep in their territory.

That tells me he can quickly move on to the next play, even though the miscue had to be eating at him. In the NFL, how you're able to deal with a mistake is just as important as avoiding them. If not for Colquitt's stellar punting this year, the Chiefs might not be 4-3.

In the end, the Chiefs won a big game and Colquitt has little choice but to move on and forget about the play.

"I'm not going to lose any sleep over it," he said. Top Stories