Edwards Has A H(u)ard Decision To Make

Everybody wants to compare the Trent Green/Damon Huard situation to the Drew Bledsoe/Tom Brady quarterback controversy prior to New England's Super Bowl run in 2001, but there's a better comparison to make.

How about the Trent Green/Kurt Warner situation from 1999?

This is deja vu for Green, the lone exception being the fact that he is likely to be healthy enough to return this season. When he went out with injury in the ‘99 preseason, the Rams (who had marginal hopes to begin with) were thought to be finished. Then Warner came out of nowhere to lead the Rams to a title over the Tennessee Titans. Could Huard do the same with the Chiefs?

Not if he's replaced when Green returns.

It hurts me to say this, because Green has been everything the Chiefs could ask for as both a quarterback and as a leader. But there's no doubt in my mind that if Huard can keep up what he's doing, he gives the Chiefs the best chance to advance toward the postseason.

In fact, if the season were to end today, Huard would get my vote as MVP of the entire league. He's been that good.

It's no coincidence that Larry Johnson has had so much success over the last two weeks. Head coach Herm Edwards and offensive coordinator Mike Solari have given Huard opportunities to throw the ball downfield and attack defenses with his arm.

Huard is no longer being treated like a liability. Rather, he is being used as a weapon. That has helped open up the running game for Johnson, because opposing defenses now have to respect KC's aerial attack. And Huard has really made teams pay.

The guy has been on a mission - throwing just one interception in seven appearances. His completion percentage is high, he's made smart decisions with the football and he has guided a Chiefs offense that is seemingly getting better each week (Pittsburgh game not included).

Huard even has two receptions!

Edwards has stated repeatedly that when Green is healthy enough to return, he is the starter. I understand his thinking and I appreciate his loyalty. But if he's "in it to win it," he will stick with the guy who has the hot hand. And for the time being, that guy is Huard.

If Green were to return, the Chiefs would have to slow down so he could catch up. It's not easy being out of football for two months and then returning. All of Green's teammates would have to readjust to a new quarterback. The cadence changes, the timing changes and yes, even the offense changes.

Everybody would have to halt progress so that Green could get back in rhythm and get back up to speed. In a playoff race that is sure to be a furious one, the Chiefs can't afford to wait on Green. They need to stay the course and go with the guy that has been under center for all four of the team's wins to date. That guy is Huard.

It's not an easy situation and it will definitely be a difficult call. But it's one that has to be made. Edwards needs to tell Green that, for the second time in his career, he has lost his job to injury - and that if he's to collect a second Super Bowl ring, it will be a backup quarterback that delivers it to him.

The NFL isn't an easy business. Nobody knows that more than Green.

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