Who Should Get The Green Light?

Who would have thought after the Chiefs lost Trent Green to a concussion that the team would be playing great football? I'll be the first to admit – not me. Though I never wanted to give up on the season after the first week, I had to convince myself many times that the Chiefs could still have a successful season without their leader.

One could not ignore the fact that Damon Huard was the Chiefs' former third-string quarterback, playing behind Todd Collins. We've seen Collins take a few snaps in the past, and to be honest, his performance was nothing to write home about. So, with Collins' backup slated to take the reigns of the team from Green, many fans were ready to chalk this season up as another failure due to injury. It is fair to say that Huard was rusty when he took over, only taking a handful of snaps over the last five NFL seasons. Chiefs fans had reason to be nervous.

Kansas City's plan was obvious in Huard's first start against Denver. They wanted to keep it simple and conservative with short passes and handoffs to Larry Johnson, hoping that they were still in a position to win at the end of the game. The Chiefs needed to survive and stay in the playoff hunt until Green was healthy enough to return. But Huard wanted to do more than simply survive – he wanted to prove that this team could step it up and dominate.

Huard displayed his precision and comfort with airing it out in the shutout against San Francisco. I used to hold my breath out of fear of an interception when Huard threw the ball. Now, I can't wait to see who's on the receiving end of his pass. I guess it is difficult to question a quarterback's accuracy when he goes four starts without an interception. Each week, Huard took more ownership of his position, and each week Chiefs fans embraced him as their starter.

No one can question the fact that Huard's confidence continues to grow with each snap, and he's spreading out the field and hitting receivers who were once ignored because of the running game. Tony Gonzalez and Eddie Kennison continue to stockpile 100-yard receiving games, and it's no secret that both of them have been disappointed with the number of passes coming their way. As if the rumblings of a quarterback controversy needed any more fuel, Huard's gutsy performance against San Diego and Seattle proved that he is legitimate – he deserves to play in the NFL.

But does he deserve to get the nod ahead of Green?

Huard's numbers have fans and media buzzing about what will happen once Green is healthy. Despite a quarterback rating that puts Huard second behind Peyton Manning, Edwards continues to support Green as the starter. He has made comments that Green will have his work cut out for him when he returns, but when he's ready, he will take the opening snap. Green's been through this before in St. Louis, and in my opinion, he needs the support of his coaches and fans to maintain the level of confidence he had when he was injured. Green has certainly proved he is mentally ready to play.

He has been a fixture on the sidelines, supporting and coaching Huard and even drawing up some plays when he was unable to travel to Denver. Though the whispers of a quarterback controversy have to be unsettling for Green, he can take comfort in knowing he can take his time to make sure he is truly ready to hit the turf again. Huard has kept this team in the hunt and is showing no signs of slowing down, so there is no need for Green to rush back to the field if he's not 100 percent comfortable.

Doctors have cleared Green to begin training again, and he is beginning to take some snaps in practice. While this is a welcome sight to many fans, it raises some questions. Green has been known to throw his body into blocks and run without fear of taking a hit – will he be gun shy when he returns? Will he, or the coaches for that matter, be scared to take a hit? I'm sure the concussion Green suffered will cause him to think twice about scrambling and exposing himself the way he did against Cincinnati.

If Green cannot perform or shows hesitation, will Huard step back in as the starter? Quarterback controversies are never good. Yes, it's a good problem to have – with two great quarterbacks vying for the same spot, it's hard to see where Edwards can go wrong, but the last thing this team needs is doubt in the locker room – just take a look at Dallas.

I'm sure Edwards never imagined he would be in this situation, especially when he had to call Vinny Testaverde off the couch to suit up for the New York Jets last year. He may have had an unpleasant flashback when Huard pulled his groin a week ago. But Huard came out and put on one of his best performances of the year, which only put more pressure on Green and Edwards.

I do not envy Edwards for the decisions he will have to make when Green is cleared for duty. But I do know that the Chiefs have two proven quarterbacks on the roster. That is more than most teams can ask for, so controversy or not, the team will be in capable hands.

At this point, if one of those pairs of hands can lead us to the playoffs and perhaps the Super Bowl, I really don't care whose they are.

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