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I used to be a Republican. I know I'm probably not going to endear nor expand my imaginary readership by sharing my politics with you, but it's a risk I'm willing to take. Just because I "used to be a Republican" doesn't mean I'm a Democrat now. I'm pretty disgruntled with the entire political process at this juncture.

For the past several months the election process has been in full swing. It all came to a head on Tuesday earlier this week. Nationwide, hundreds of politicians were elated. Hundreds were disappointed.

Yeah, I'm pretty bored with the whole political nature of this column as well. Hang in there, I'll tie it up with a pretty red-and-gold bow soon. The proximity of the election to the deadline for this column is the reason you've been subjected to this lunacy. Football politics are what I'm supposed to be writing about.

There are two candidates currently running for the starting quarterback position of the Kansas City Chiefs. The incumbent is a recovering Trent Green. His challenger is longtime backup Damon Huard. I am unaware of the political leanings of either candidate and I don't care, either.

No other position in the NFL is so strongly and passionately debated. You don't hear people calling talk radio 24 hours a day to discuss the battle at middle linebacker. Kickers share their portion of scrutiny, and everybody is always interested in who wins, but there's not generally enough emotional investment to make much of a splash.

Damon Huard or Trent Green - who will lead the Chiefs to the promised land?

Despite having the longest documented man-crush on Damon Huard among local sports media, I don't care which quarterback is elected.

You shouldn't either.

That's right - if you're not related to one of the candidates, you shouldn't care who "wins" the quarterback election.

It's six of one, half a dozen of the other. Excepting paychecks, Huard and Green are very similar quarterbacks. As a Chiefs fan, I'm thrilled with the results Huard has shown behind center. I'm also thrilled that Green has become a positive leader and playmaker as the starting quarterback for the Chiefs over the past six years.

I don't know what the official polls show, but I've noted a strong swing of support towards Huard in the past week. Huard backers are calling the radio and Green backers are becoming more rabid than ever. Everybody is talking about Huard and Green. It's a dream come true for local media. Even national sports media are talking about the dilemma facing the Chiefs. The more divided Chiefs fans become on the issue, the higher the ratings climb for Chiefs-related shows.

Strangely, I'm discouraging all of this. It's not necessary. Herm Edwards is going to insert the quarterback who gives the Chiefs the best chance to win. He's paid eleventy-billion dollars for his expertise in the matter. You should trust him.

If Herm and his chosen quarterback don't win the Super Bowl, you're going to call for his head no matter which quarterback he chooses, no matter which quarterback bandwagon you happen to be on today. I understand this. It's crazy. I did it in 1997. I was a so-called "Grbacker," and I called for Marty's head when he didn't start Gannon. I don't know why I did that. I was younger, but that's probably not a valid excuse.

Americans are conditioned to pick one or the other. Bush or Kerry. KU or MU. Pepsi or Coke. Grbac or Gannon. Green or Huard.

The point is that the Chiefs are 5-3 and a bona-fide contender for the postseason. They're winning with their backup quarterback and backups at a lot of other positions, too. Both quarterbacks wear an Arrowhead logo on the sides of their helmets. They're both pressing towards the same mark. They're not berating one another over the quarterback controversy.

The next time you have an urge to trash a caller on the radio, a poster on a message board, or anybody else who is pulling for the other quarterback, remember that these candidates are actually on the same team. Our team. Top Stories