Nuge's Nuggets: Keys From Mike Campbell

I got the opportunity to talk to analyst Mike Campbell about Sunday's game against the Dolphins and, as usual, he had plenty to say. One thing is sure: The Dolphins aren't the force they appeared to be against the Chicago Bears, but they're still plenty dangerous. Here's Campbell's Keys:


It might sound like a broken record, but the offensive line has got to play better. Every guy on the line has got to step it up, tackle to tackle, whichever guys are manning the corners. This Miami Dolphins team can overwhelm the Chiefs' offensive line, particularly when the Dolphin switch to a 3-4.

The Dolphins 3-4, if they choose to show it, could give the Chiefs' linemen fits. Dan Wilkinson and Keith Traylor are old, but the Dolphins rotate tackles so they stay fresh all game, and it shows on film. Wilkinson can overwhelm center Casey Wiegmann, and the Chiefs can't afford to give help on the inside with the guards. Will Shields and Chris Bober have to be able to get to the second level and take out the linebackers to spring Larry Johnson for big plays. If guards have to help inside, that also makes the team more susceptible to the interior blitz.

The 3-4 also forces Turley to match up more with one of Miami's mauling defensive ends, which places him in a precarious situation considering that Turley is still having trouble with big bull-rushers.

Tight end/H-back Kris Wilson will have to be a real fullback against the likes of Zach Thomas. He cannot let Thomas get into the backfield and wreak havoc. The Dolphins will send Thomas often on the interior blitz to try to disrupt the offense's rhythm, and Wilson has to be the guy who stops him.

Samie Parker should have a good day against the offense if he makes the most of his opportunities. He has the speed to get by Miami's slower defensive backs, but he has to make the play when the football is thrown in his direction.


The Chiefs' defense has to contain Ronnie Brown. With Derrick Johnson out, the Dolphins will try to run to Keyaron Fox's side, and the young linebacker has to be up to the task in his first NFL start. Knowing that the Chiefs are missing DJ and that Tamba Hali may be dinged up, the Dolphins will try that side early and often.

Another concern with Fox is his ability to effectively execute the blitz packages. Johnson is so quick on the edge and makes good decisions. There will be a drop off as Fox gets his feet wet. How quickly he adapts will be a factor in the outcome of this game.

The defensive line should have some success against Miami's offensive line, but the key is Hali's health. As evidenced last week against the Rams, Hali is one of the main cogs in KC's pass rush. When he goes down, it stalls. Both Hali and Jared Allen can beat guys consistently one on one, but when one of them is gone, it allows the opposing offensive line to key on a guy and double team him. The two defensive ends have a symbiotic relationship. They need each other to be dominant.

Kansas City's secondary has to keep an eye on wide receiver Wes Welker, who's been underrated this season. With all the attention on the infinitely talented Chris Chambers, Welker has been burning guys out of the slot, so Surtain and the safeties have to keep him in mind.


Another quick note about the Key Fox situation: this is his opportunity, and he knows it. Last week, he was caught sleeping somewhat, but this week, he'll be ready to play. If he's ever going to break into the starting rotation, the next week or two will be the opportunity to show the Chiefs he's worthy Top Stories