Nuge's Nuggets: Chiefs Can't Hook The Fins

The Chiefs almost got a gift from Dolphins' head coach Nick Saban and offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey. Inexplicably, the Dolphins decided to run a reverse when they should have been trying to run out the clock, and Ronnie Brown fumbled the exchange. Jared Allen recovered and it looked like the Chiefs could have salvaged this one.

Uh, no.

Ultimately, the Chiefs couldn't recover from the penalties and the out-and-out flat offensive play. The offense couldn't move the ball, and for the second time this season, it absolutely killed the defense. The Chiefs didn't get a first down until there were just over three minutes left in the first quarter. The offensive line didn't play well. Damon Huard didn't play well (more on that in a minute). Larry Johnson couldn't find the room to run. The only receiver they could find consistently was Tony Gonzalez.

The special teams were horrible, for the most part. Dante Hall made bad decisions all game long and there were a couple of critical mistakes in the kick coverage game, particularly Rich Scanlon's missed tackle on a kick return that would have dropped the Dolphins on their 30-yard line. Boomer Grisby ended up making the tackle 12 yards downfield.

The defense had its moments, too. The supposedly weak Dolphins' offensive line dominated the Chiefs for most of the afternoon. Joey Harrington is a quarterback that will help a defense out if he gets hit, but the Chiefs couldn't pressure him consistently. Couple that with several plays in which the Chiefs forgot how to tackle (Ty Law's missed tackle on third-and-six was a dagger), and you've got the recipe for dropping a game to a 2-6 team while trying to carve out a playoff spot. The loss also drops the Chiefs to 1-4 in the conference, something that just might come back to bite them later this year.


I know the offensive line didn't play well, but Damon Huard didn't help his own cause. He missed receivers all over the place, and really didn't keep his poise. After a while, his feet were so happy, it looked like he was auditioning for a spot in the latest Riverdance production.

Huard has done a marvelous job while Trent Green is out, but ultimately, Green gives the Chiefs the best chance to win. He puts pressure on defenses with his ability to read the entire field, and he can work within the entire offensive scheme, not just whatever the coaches pull out of the playbook that week.

Green's return will help the running game. His ability to utilize every weapon in the passing game forces defenses to protect the entire field. He can take advantage of that extra box safety by exploiting single coverage elsewhere on the field.


Jarrad Page may have earned his starting spot this week. Subbing for the injured Greg Wesley, Page played terrific. He was in position most of the time, diagnosed plays pretty well, and make some athletic plays in pass defense. I don't know how the Chiefs are going to work it out, but it appears the future is now at safety.


Don't grade Key Fox just yet. He didn't have the greatest game overall, made a mistake here or there, and had trouble shedding blocks, but he deserves another game and a healthy Tamba Hali in front of him before he gets beat up. He should be getting another shot next week. The early line was that DJ was out two weeks.


If tight end Tony Gonzalez is out next week, the Chiefs could be in trouble. He's been KC's best receiver, and if he's gone, Kris Wilson has to play at tight end, which will leave the Chiefs depleted at fullback. The fullback position doesn't do a lot on this team, but it does hurt the Chiefs in the redzone and in the short yardage game. Top Stories