Herm Won't Tell Us Until Sunday

On Sunday afternoon the Kansas City Chiefs will take on their arch rivals, or lately, the pansies formerly known as the Oakland Raiders. The boys in red enter this game depleted, wounded and still stinging after a bite from the Dolphins last Sunday that made the path to the playoffs a bit harder. But one thing that won't be hard is making a decision on the starting quarterback.

Herm Edwards said all he had to on Tuesday when someone asked him for the one-millionth time about who his starting quarterback on Sunday against the Raiders will be.

"I won't have to announce it," said Edwards. "And I won't. Come Sunday and find out. Why would I let the Raiders know what I'm going to do? That's not very smart. I wouldn't do that."

However, we're pretty smart here in the Midwest. Herm's deception might work on the West Coast men in black, but it won't fool the die-hard Chiefs fans.

If he's cleared to play, as he might very well be by Wednesday's first practice, Trent Green will take his rightful place atop the offense.

His return couldn't be scripted better, as the Chiefs are on the verge of playing two titanic AFC West battles over the next 10 days: first the Raiders on Sunday and then the Denver Broncos on Thanksgiving night, one week from Thursday.

Still, Edwards knows that this is serious business, and it's not likely he'll be able to hide the fact that Green might start on Sunday.

After talk a week ago that hinted at Damon Huard keeping the job, Sunday's loss in Miami probably made the decision easier for Edwards.

Knowing that his football team, in essence, has their backs against the wall, he can't make the wrong decision. There are many factors for Edwards, who all of a sudden is looking like the head of a M.A.S.H. unit rather than a football team.

"I've got to weigh all the options and go with the decision I'm going with," said Edwards. "I've thought about it for 10 weeks. We'll see if they pull the trigger and say the guy can participate and practice, then I'll have to make the decision."

For Edwards there really isn't a decision to make. Green is clearly the choice and Huard, more than anyone else, knows his run is likely over.

Don't get me wrong, Huard wants to be the starter, but it's clear that he gave about everything he had to this football team. If the Chiefs are going to rekindle the playoff talk, they must have their top quarterback on the field against the Raiders and Broncos.

Green is that man. Realistically, anyone who believes the Chiefs can win both of these games without tight end Tony Gonzalez and guard Brian Waters needs to think again if Green isn't starting.

The Raiders are not just going to show up and lay down. They will likely give the rock to Aaron Brooks on offense, and that should give them a little bit of a spark. After all, Brooks torched Kansas City in New Orleans in 2004, so the Chiefs aren't going to overlook him in this game as they did Joey Harrington last week in Miami.

On defense, Oakland's front seven is pretty darn good. Where they falter is in the secondary, but they did pick off three Jake Plummer passes last Sunday and nearly upset Denver in Oakland.

If the Chiefs aren't careful, they could be in for more of a fight than they bargained for on Sunday. And if this game is going to play out like most Raiders games, then Edwards knows his team is in better hands with Green.

Even the Raiders know that, or at least they should. But just in case they don't, we in the media promise to keep it a secret

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