Turkey Day Leftovers

Fasting the day before Thanksgiving is a false notion that you can actually eat more once the feast arrives. During the period you're not eating, your stomach shrinks. A better approach is to eat as much as possible the day before Thanksgiving, because this will expand your stomach.

• No matter how much my Dad wants to believe it, the Detroit Lions aren't any "better" on Thanksgiving.

• After 27 Thanksgivings, I still don't get the whole Cranberry sauce thing.

• It's ridiculous how close the Dolphins were to putting up 40.

• This is the only holiday where it's actually permissible to retire to the floor or your sleeping quarters while entertaining family and friends.

• When Joe Buck asked what Troy Aikman was doing for Thanksgiving, Aikman replied he was having a big Italian feast. What?

• That "Galloping Gobbler" award that Fox gives away is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. I don't get that, either.

• Carrie Underwood should be forced to perform at every halftime show. If she wants to sing I suppose that's okay, too.

• Along with Priest Holmes and Rod Smith, add Tony Romo to the list of people I can't believe went undrafted.

• Why does the fast food industry even bother paying for ad time on Thanksgiving day? I realize more people are watching TV, but that kind of advertising is supposed to make you get up, get in your car and go get some. All it makes me want to do is go make another plate.

• A Thanksgiving night game in Kansas City should become a mainstay.

• I found it ironic that a wired Al Wilson in the pre-game was spouting off about how nobody was giving Denver a chance to win the game.

• The NFL network's debut aired in 40 million homes. I wonder how many of those televisions were on mute.

• How did Bryant Gumbel finish the game without Cris Collinsworth punching him in the face? The guy has absolutely no football vocabulary. When Denver's Adam Meadows left the field injured, Gumbel said "his return is debatable." Debatable??? Are two people going to argue on whether or not he returns? On a Jason Elam field goal that barely sneaked in, he said, "and Elam splits the uprights." Somewhere, Dennis Miller was laughing at this guy. Is Bob Costas looking for a gig?

• The more I watch Larry Johnson, the more I become convinced there has never been a running back with all of his upside rolled into one package, although Jim Brown might have something to say about that.

• Props to John Fogerty for doing a halftime show in Detroit and Kansas City in an eight-hour span.

• On one play, I believe I saw Johnson take the handoff, bend over to tie his shoe and then proceed to get six yards.

Michael Bennett was the best off-season acquisition the Chiefs made.

• Johnson might never admit it, but playing behind Priest Holmes benefited him tremendously. If not for that motivation early in his career, Johnson might be just another decent running back.

Benny Sapp showed me something I'd like to see more of: A guy celebrating a victory at home, on the other team's sideline, waving one of their towels.

• Finally, if the Chiefs can take care of business on the road in Cleveland next week, I'll genuinely consider them a legitimate playoff team.

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