Slaying the Dragon

There was once a City of Red, Founded in the middle of the land.

Its warriors lay in bed,
On a morning rather grand.

They awoke that blustery day,
To take the field of battle.

Their foe came from the east,
To be slaughtered like so many cattle.

But something horrid happened,
As the army arrived in wagon.

Instead of finding weaklings,
They found only a monstrous Dragon.

The warriors battled fiercely,
But in the end were beaten.

The City of Red was ravaged,
Its citizens, mostly eaten.


Long years passed as the city rebuilt,
A new army even stronger than before.

"These warriors are mighty!" said the people with pride,
"Surely they will win battles galore!"

The Dragon from the east threatened once again,
But this time the army had a plan.

They would attack the beast relentlessly,
With every available man.

The battle was fierce and bloody,
It raged for nights and days.

But the Dragon was almost invincible,
Few could withstand its blaze.

Despite a valiant effort,
The beast prevailed once more.

It razed the city up and down,
And citizens fled from its roar.


Time marched on in the City of Red,
The warriors grew old and grey.

It seemed the days of glory had vanished,
And things were beginning to decay.

But a proud new leader arrived one year,
With a promise that he would restore.

He knew what horrors the city had seen,
He, too, had faced the Dragon before.

The army was rebuilt and assembled anew,
Although perhaps not as flashy as before.

But experience was now on their side,
The veterans knew what was in store.

And so it was that the warriors set out abroad,
Leaving the city for the east.

They would now face the Dragon at home in it's lair,
It was time to kill the beast.

As they marched from the City of Red, dressed mostly in white,
One of the younger warriors yelled out:

"What's the point of battling this beast once more,"
"We'll lose again, there's no doubt!"

"We're going to win this time," said the new leader,
"I know what it takes to survive."

"At the end of the day, all we have to do is believe in ourselves,"
"For that alone, we must strive."

As they neared the Dragon's cave and the battle grew close,
One of the oldest warriors dropped to a knee.

He strapped on his armor and raised his sword high,
And yelled to the army a plea.

"There's only one way to kill this beast,"
"So here's how to win the day."

"Run the damn football and hit Manning hard,"
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