Hall Committee Robs DT of Rightful Place

At least late Chiefs linebacker Derrick Thomas is in good company, as former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue also didn't make the cut for the 2007 NFL Hall of Fame Class. The idiots on the selection committee felt that both were less deserving than Michael Irvin and his drug-stained hands.

Pete Rose was left out of baseball's Hall of Fame because of gambling. He never did drugs, and he's blackballed by MLB, but in the NFL they have no such standards. I know Hall of Fame inductions are for what you do on the field, but in other sports that's not all that matters.

On Saturday afternoon the NFL Hall of Fame Committee chose the aforementioned Irvin, Thurman Thomas, Bruce Matthews, Roger Wehrli and two seniors - Charlie Sanders and Gene Hickerson.

I'm not sure who is on this committee but they need to be removed from the voting process next year. I respect some of the writers, like John Clayton and Peter King, but how can they leave Tagliabue out of the Hall of Fame?

He was more responsible than anyone else for ushering the NFL into the 21st century. He took over from Pete Rozelle and carried on the tradition of making the game great. Under his guidance he made NFL football the best sport in history and also created an unprecedented cash flow for every owner.

Apparently the writers on the panel, who have jobs covering the NFL because it's such a global and year-round sport worthy of 24-hour coverage, forgot where their bread was buttered. It might be time for the NFL to consider revoking some of their credentials.

But the saddest part of the day was denying Thomas entry for the third straight year. I'm not going to quote any stats, but he was the most dominating pass rusher of his era.

That's all that matters. The fact he didn't even make the final 10 is even more insulting. The committee slid most of there inductions to the offensive side of the ball. Maybe it should be limited to three offensive and three defensive players to level the playing field.

I can't disagree with the induction of Thurman Thomas, or Matthews, because both made amazing contributions to the game. But to punish DT because he never made it to the Super Bowl or because his career was cut short due to a car accident that eventually took his life is ridiculous.

Thomas wasn't a perfect human being, but he was a stand up guy who valued his role as a Chief. He was important in the Kansas City community and, outside of one game against Denver in 1998, never lost his cool.

He was the most feared pass rusher in the game. Not many in his era could change the face of a single play more than Thomas. His ability to sack the quarterback and force a fumble were so uncanny that opposing offenses designed specific game plans to move the pocket away from where Thomas lined up.

He was the ultimate playmaker. He rushed the passer with style, grace and fearlessness. He should be in the NFL Hall of Fame.

Instead, the committee felt a former cocaine addict and loud mouth who would rather party in Dallas than give back to the community was far more worthy than Thomas, a man who would have repaid the citizens of Kansas City tenfold for the accolades they doled out while he played in Arrowhead Stadium.

Now we'll have to wait until next year, but we're all tired of that line in Kansas City. We're going to have to come up with new ideas and offer a new presentation to get Thomas inducted.

But considering the fact the Hall continues to deny former Chiefs wide receiver Otis Taylor, who set the standard for the position, I'm not real confident the committee will get the job done next year, either.

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