NEW PODCAST: First Look NFL Draft

On the February 14th edition of Warpaint Illustrated's Out Of Bounds we begin our three part series of "Coaches As Mentors" with Coach Jay Lewman of Southeast High School in Kansas City Missouri.

As the NFL combine approaches we also take a behind the scenes look at preparing for the draft with sports agent Robert Walker of U.S. Sports and Sports Spectrum. We also answer the following questions from the Warpaint Illustrated message board community.

A) How much will it hurt San Diego to lose their coaching staff? –Splat420

B) Do we have an idea of what players the Chiefs are sending to NFL Europe? - pestilenceaf23

C) What are the Chiefs likely to do at wideout this year? - lnickels45

D) What do you think of Boomer Grigsby's chances at the starting fullback position next year? - GoChiefs81

This week's show was sponsored by Sports Nutz and Affordable Framing.

The February 14th edition of Out Of Bounds was hosted by Warpaint Illustrated's Mike Campbell and Mike Nugent. Special guests on this week's show were "Big Jax" Steve Jackson of 610 Sports, Coach Jay Lewman, and sports agent Robert Walker. The music featured on this week's show was performed by Isaac Hayes, Brothatone, Dkun Frost, Canton Jones, Binary, and P.O.D.

The Out Of Bounds intro was performed by Dennis "The Voice" Jackson and each show is produced by Warpaint Illustrated's Mike Campbell. Warpaint lllustrated would also like to thank the Chiefs media relations department for their assistance in acquiring interviews, providing statistics, and assisting with other services and information.

Next Weeks Show: Sifting through the top defensive linemen in the draft, special guest will be Florida State University head coach Bobby Bowden for "Coaches As Mentors" part 2.

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