Chiefs Free Agency Notes

Since the start of free agency, Nick's being working like a man possessed, working the phones and pounding the pavement to get the latest in Kanas City Chiefs free agency. He finally slowed down long enough to catch the rest of us up on what's going on.

QB Trent Green - Jim Steiner will start shopping the 37 year-old quarterback around the league. Only the Miami Dolphins have shown any interest – mainly because of the relationship and history Green has with Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron and Terry Shea, his former quarterbacks coach in Kansas City Despite the fact Al Saunders is the offensive coordinator in Washington, the Redskins won't make a run at Green. They have no interest.

WR Kevin Curtis - He is scheduled to be in Kansas City on Wednesday. He has visited the Minnesota Vikings and Detroit Lions, but contract talks stalled. Teams fear he'll want a deal similar to the one the Rams gave Drew Bennett, in the range of $30 million.

There is no way the Chiefs will pay that, but they've been trying to get him in Kansas City since the market opened. If the theme of only bringing in guys they can sign continues, then I would not be surprised if Curtis signs with Kansas City. He's a bit small but he's tough, physical and talented. Just ask Sammy Knight, who laid him out in St. Louis on the final play of the game.

CB David Macklin - Will also be in Kansas City on Wednesday. He's a journeyman cornerback who began his career in Indianapolis and then jumped ship to Arizona before becoming an unrestricted free agent. He's not a starter and won't likely command a great deal of money, but does have 14 career interceptions and is solid against the run. He had a career-best 75 tackles in 2004, his first year with the Cardinals.

The Chiefs are looking for a solid third cornerback. If the Chiefs sign Macklin, Lenny Walls might not be offered a contract to return in 2007. The Chiefs have not made a decision on Benny Sapp, so signing a proven veteran like Macklin might be a good idea.

DE Jared Allen - We continue to hear reports that the Atlanta Falcons are very interested in bringing Allen in for a visit. The Falcons could have some extra draft picks to send Kansas City if quarterback Matt Schaub is offered a contract by another team. We've heard the Washington Redskins are also a possible destination.

DT Ian Scott - The Chiefs supposedly have Scott in their offseason wish list. There really hasn't been a run on interior defensive linemen at this point in free agency so price and timing might dictate when the two sides will get together. Thus far no visit is scheduled that we're aware of.

LB Donnie Edwards - There appears to be very little interest in Edwards at the moment. His agent, Tom Condon, and Carl Peterson have spoke a couple of times, but thus far the Chiefs appear willing to wait it out and see if any other teams line him up for visits. The one team interested in him was the New Orleans Saints, but they signed linebacker Brian Simmons.

The Chiefs would still like to sign Edwards, but if they do he'll have to play outside linebacker with the addition of Napoleon Harris. That might not be a bad thing, and if that happens we might have seen the last of Kendrell Bell in red. Top Stories