Chiefs Add Boone

On Thursday the Chiefs began the transformation of their interior defensive line when they signed Ron Edwards to a four-year contract. Late Friday evening they added another defensive tackle, grabbing former Chicago Bears space-eater Alphonso Boone.

The biggest offseason concern for the Chiefs was to rebuild the middle of the defensive line, but the crop of free agent talent at the position was weak at best. That meant the Chiefs were going to have to try and find a couple of players who they felt were solid enough to get the job done.

The Chiefs brought in a host of journeyman players over the last few weeks. They re-signed Ron Edwards on Thursday because in 2006 he was their most productive and reliable defensive tackle.

That signing led to a deal late Friday that put Alphonso Boone in the mix to become a starter alongside Edwards. Boone visited the Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers, but felt his best opportunity was to play for the Chiefs.

He came into town on Tuesday and never felt that it was in his best interest to make any more visits. He made up his mind that Kansas City was a good fit.

Boone was a part time starter for the Chicago Bears over the last two seasons. His seven-year career is best described as workmanlike. His numbers are not stellar, but that can be said for most defensive tackles. Their job is to take up space and support the run defense.

Boone has 108 career tackles and 10.5 sacks for his career. Last year he had his best season since 2003 and stepped up his game down the stretch for Chicago's run to the Super Bowl.

The Chiefs like Boone because in a pinch, despite his 6-foot-4 frame and 318 pounds, he can play both inside and outside on the defensive line.

Boone is not flashy, nor is he going to be a loud or vocal ambassador in the locker room, but he's focused, likeable and hard nosed. He knows his skill level and his abilities and that's what makes him a solid addition for the Chiefs.

He might not be the only Chicago addition that Kansas City makes. His teammate, Ian Scott, is rumored to be visiting Kansas City next week. Scott, who is three years younger than Boone, has visited the Broncos and Vikings.

Both Boone and Scott have made it known they'd like to continue their on the field partnership. Scott was on the Chiefs free agent wish list at the start of the offseason but hasn't received much interest.

Scott is a better run stopper than Boone and is a bit more athletic. He seems like a perfect fit and would immediately give the Chiefs an upgrade. Kansas City can't afford to go into the season without a solid four-man rotation in the middle of the defense.

The draft is thin at defensive tackle, and unless the Chiefs are going to trade up for Michigan's Alan Branch or Louisville's Amobi Okoye, there might not be a starter left in the entire draft. The Chiefs would probably have to move into the top 10 to draft Branch or Okoye.

In other Chiefs News:

With the addition of Alphonso Boone, the Chiefs released second-year defensive tackle Brian Howard from Idaho.

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