Wilkerson Returns

The Chiefs re-signed ace defensive reserve Jimmy Wilkerson today. The all-purpose defensive lineman returns to the team with a one-year deal. The 6-foot-2, 290-pound Oklahoma alum had a brief flirtation with the Green Bay Packers and some other teams, but ultimately decided to return to the team that drafted him four years ago.

Wilkerson only had 24 tackles a year ago, but it wasn't exactly his numbers that made him an attractive free agent. His ability to play several defensive line techniques off the bench makes him a great guy for any team to have in its pocket. The Chiefs were lacking along the defensive line right after the season, but after re-signing Wilkerson and Ron Edwards, and adding Alphonso Boone, the Chiefs appear to be heading in the right direction. They still need a dominating force at the defensive tackle position, however.

Not sure what to make of it yet, but the Chiefs were at the Michigan Pro Day this week, and defensive line coach Tim Krumrie put defensive tackle Alan Branch through a rigorous workout. As just about everyone knows, Branch is a probable top 10 pick in next month's draft, and will be gone by the time the Chiefs pick at 23. Who knows, maybe the Chiefs ARE serious about moving up into the top 10 next month.

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