David Should Be On KC's Radar

In the waning days of free agency the Chiefs would like to make a few more additions to the roster prior to the start of their internal draft meetings the first week of April. They've already added four new bodies to the defense and re-signed a pair of their own free agents, but to really get the next batch of players they may have to take some risks.

They don't need to look any further than Indianapolis, where - for the right price - they can fill an important hole.

On Tuesday's press conference with the Kansas City media, head coach Herm Edwards talked extensively about the plan to continue his team's evolution. To do that he's going to continue to purge and fine tune his roster until he gets the best 53 men he can to go to war with in 2007.

Edwards addressed the topic of KC's playoff loss in Indianapolis. He was at a loss as to why his veteran team really didn't come to play, but had the unique opportunity to view some prospective free agents from a front row seat. He saw a team that he wanted to emulate.

After the Colts won the Super Bowl, it became clear that not every player would be sticking around. With a ring on their fingers, several key components of the team moved on.

Running back Dominic Rhodes went to Oakland (why?), wide receiver Brandon Stokely joined AFC West rival Denver, linebacker Cato June signed with Tampa Bay and cornerback Nick Harper is now a Titan.

One of Indy's restricted free agents remain unsigned. He would cost the Chiefs compensation, but might be worth it.

Chiefs scouts are scouring the workouts to try and find a young cornerback. They've completed one of two scheduled visits with UNLV cornerback Eric Wright – who's draft stock is rising.

They've brought in free agent cornerbacks David Macklin and Jamar Fletcher, but passed on both, so to me that says they're looking for a third cornerback who could eventually supplant either Patrick Surtain or Ty Law.

It just so happens the Colts have a perfect candidate waiting to be plucked from their roster for a measly fourth-round pick. Cornerback Jason David has developed into a fine player, one who helped mold Indy's defense into a post-season powerhouse.

David has started 39 games over the last three years for the Colts. He's a young, ascending player who is only 24 years old. The Colts have deemed him expendable after drafting Marlin Jackson and Kelvin Hayden in 2005.

With Harper gone, you'd think the Colts would want to put a bigger price tag on David, but they didn't. It's a wonder why other NFL teams haven't given him a look.

The problem for the Chiefs is the fact they traded their 2007 fourth-round pick to the New Orleans Saints for running back Michael Bennett. But if Kansas City is able to acquire a fourth-round pick for quarterback Trent Green - from the Miami Dolphins or Minnesota Vikings - they could sign David to an offer sheet the Colts would be unlikely to match, especially with Dwight Freeney's franchise tag eating up cap space.

David is one of those hidden gems that would upgrade KC's backfield. Lenny Walls was a failure last season. David could play opposite Ty Law and free up Patrick Surtain to cover the slot.

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