Chat Wrap: NFL Guru Adam Caplan

On Wednesday Senior NFL Writer Adam Caplan answered your questions surrounding the Kansas City Chiefs. Here's his take on Sammy Knight's release, who the Chiefs might draft and his opinion on the quarterback battle between Damon Huard and Brodie Croyle.

(IcEDrEaMs) - Hey Nuge.

(TheDreadedNuge) - Hey guys.

(RoninPD27) - Could there be anymore surprising cuts coming in the coming days or just cuts in general like Sims?

(adamcaplan) - I like it, not bad. Obvious Kendrell Bell is a goner, just a matter of time.

(adamcaplan) - Green will be traded or cut.

(adamcaplan) - Boone though is a rotational player so don't get your hopes up.

(ChiefsInsider) - Hey Nuge welcome.

(adamcaplan) - McIntosh is a stop-gap OLT.

(TheDreadedNuge) - Thanks, where is everyone?

(ChiefsFanForever) - Adam there are reports true that Ian Scott is off the Chiefs Rader?

(IcEDrEaMs) - Is there any chance Jared Allen gets traded to Atlanta, now that they have picked up additional draft picks through the Matt Schaub?

(adamcaplan) - Harris is a decent player but has been inconsistent in his career and Edwards still can play at a high level.

(adamcaplan) - KC doesn't want to deal Allen and Peterson knows they can't afford to.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Adam what are you hearing on James Reed.

(adamcaplan) - DE's are very hard to get. Keep this in mind; they only had 32 sacks last season.

(ChiefsInsider) - Adam what's happening with Ian Scott I hear KC still has interest but Vikings and Bears are showing some love.

(adamcaplan) - Reed less of a chance with Boone in the house.

(adamcaplan) - CI: As I reported last night, MIN is leading the chase now.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Adam since the Chiefs dont want to deal Allen do you see him getting a new deal as well or is 2007 his last with the Chiefs?

(adamcaplan) - DEN is out pretty much.

(adamcaplan) - CF: I think they get it or before the season.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Cool.

(RoninPD27) - Any WR's on the Chiefs radar, like Bobby Ingram or do you see them going through the draft?

(adamcaplan) - Things have a way of working out, everyone was scared that Gonzo was a goner but Peterson got it done.

(adamcaplan) - Webb will play a lot but as I reported at the combine, Herm wants that power rushing attack again so don't look for a high pick on a WR.

(adamcaplan) - Outside shot on Jarrett if he's there at #23 but I doubt it.

(ChiefsFanForever) - 2,0even though Allen said he would not speak to Carl again and would not play another down for KC After this year and you still. I think a deal will get done gosh I hope you are right I don't want to lose this guy!

(adamcaplan) - BTW, I'm reporting he's visiting DAL and NYG soon

(RoninPD27) - If they don't go WR in round one what could be there options, I know CI mentioned moving up to draft Allen Branch?

(ChiefsInsider) - Allen visiting Dallas and New York?

(adamcaplan) - CF: the worst I've ever seen was Ty Law with NE and he decided to report so trust me, he'll get it done?

(ChiefsFanForever) - Adam any Free Agents you think the Chiefs have on their radar?

(adamcaplan) - No, Jarrett on visits to Dallas and New York not Allen.

(adamcaplan) - RON: Branch is dropping on some boards.

(adamcaplan) - Sims type of attitude, doesn't work as hard.

(adamcaplan) - According to some NFL people.

(RoninPD27) -I had a feeling that's what you might say.

(adamcaplan) - He could drop to 15-20.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Adam any Chance Ole Miss LB Patrick Willis will be there at 23 for the Chiefs?

(adamcaplan) - CF: I don't expect KC to be active before the draft really, they did a decent job of filling needs.

(adamcaplan) - SF: None, he had a great workout today.

(adamcaplan) - He should go 10-15.

(RoninPD27) - Willis ran a 4.37 today.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Wow!

(adamcaplan) - And he was great in senior bowl.

(ChiefsFanForever) - He is fast!

(adamcaplan) - Off the charts good. So he could go top-10 now.

(RoninPD27) - Any chance that Levi Brown falls to 23?

(adamcaplan) - As for free agency, still a chance they get a DT but not a good chance at this point.

(IcEDrEaMs) - Adam, who are some likely targets at 23 then, since you said that we probably won't go WR in round 1?

(ChiefsFanForever) - What about this guy what your thoughts on him and you think the Chiefs could take him at 23 he is Sidney Rice WR South Carolina?

(adamcaplan) - Ron: Probably not, he goes 15ish.

(adamcaplan) - IC: Their needs are: WR, RT, RG, CB, depth elsewhere.

(adamcaplan) - I would start to look for Law's replacement at some point.

(adamcaplan) - They might as well look now.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Mason Crosby is there a chance he last till rd 3 for the Chiefs to take.

(adamcaplan) - SF: Rice is late first early second area.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Arron Ross Or Eirc Wright who would you suggest the Chiefs take who is better?

(adamcaplan) - But KC philosophy is run first so WR isn't a priority as fans think.

(adamcaplan) - Ross will go much higher.

(ChiefsInsider) - What do you think of UNLV Cornerback Eric Wright. Edwards met with him once and is going to have a private workout with him this week.

(adamcaplan) - Mid to late first early second area.

(RoninPD27) - What about our kicking situation? Do you see Tynes coming back or maybe Olindo Mare being part of Trent Green trade?

(adamcaplan) - CI: Wright should be a solid second rounder.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Greg Wesley where does he end up?

(adamcaplan) - RON: Tynes is better, Mare has a strong leg but isn't accurate.

(adamcaplan) - SF: I can't see them dropping Wesley now.

(ChiefsInsider) - That's what I thought as well but I noticed PFT's Mock today and thought he was a reach in round one.

(adamcaplan) - Hard to go with Page now. Pollard is ready though.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Cool!

(ChiefsFanForever) - Who do you think should be the Chiefs Starting QB Next Season Brodie Croyle or Damon Huard.

(adamcaplan) - He's a big time talent, I've talked to many around the NFL who think KC got a steal in the second round last year.

(ChiefsFanForever) - More cool.

(adamcaplan) - CF: Huard, Croyle isn't ready yet.

(IcEDrEaMs) - What do you think of Omar Jacobs?

(RoninPD27) - Do you see the Trent trade happening soon?

(supadavea) - Will Ian Scott make it to KC?

(ChiefsFanForever) - Who does Pollard remind you alot of?

(adamcaplan) - ICE: He's not an NFL QB, he's unlikely to be more than a deep backup.

(adamcaplan) - RON: Before the draft.

(adamcaplan) - SUP: MIN is in the lead, KC and CHI are next. If he's not signed by MIN by Friday others like KC have a better shot.

(adamcaplan) - CF: Pollad is a load I know that, he's huge and can hit and moves good for his size. Hard to compare him to anyone just yet.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Any word on Will Shields and Casey Wiegmann?

(adamcaplan) - SF: I talked to Shields agent tonight, nothing going on other than he's going to make his decision soon.

(ChiefsFanForever) - What you think of Kyle Turley getting cut?

(adamcaplan) - As for Wiegmann, he's expected to play from what I understand.

(adamcaplan) - I'm glad you asked that, I'll put it in my notes later this week.

(RoninPD27) - Will Wiegman be a possible cut?

(ChiefsFanForever) - With Turley gone does this mean Chris Terry is the RT?

(adamcaplan) - As for Turley, had to happen, he looked like a stick figure trying to play football last season.

(adamcaplan) - RON: I doubt it.

(supadavea) - Is KC looking to bring in back up ends. we need depth at the ends.

(adamcaplan) - CF: Yes but Sampson, who I talked to a few weeks ago, will challenge. He's ok now.

<(adamcaplan) - SUP: No question they could use another DT and DE for depth. Post-June 1 moves possibly there.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Adam why hasn't the Free Agent list been updated I noticed Harris And Edwards were not listed.

(adamcaplan) - Terry was once pretty good but you can't count on him.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Why was boon rated higher then Ian Scott?

(adamcaplan) - CF: I don't run that so I can't tell you on either end. Scott is more highly regarded though.

(supadavea) - We need depth at safety with knight gone. Anyone come to mind?

(ChiefsFanForever) - When is William Bartee going to get the Axe?

(adamcaplan) - CF: He has nine lives.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Whats your take on Derrick Johnson Dustin Colquitt and Tamba Hali? Do you feel like these guys are the future for KC.

(adamcaplan) - CF: I thought DJ would have more of an impact last season, he's good but not there yet.

(adamcaplan) - Like Hali a lot, nice story and hard worker and he will only get better. Colquitt is decent.

(RoninPD27) - One more draft question. Do you see Carriker dropping to 23?

(adamcaplan) - RON: No chance, he should go 10-15.

(adamcaplan) - Because he can play in 3-4 or 4-3.

(redhawk05) - Sorry I'm late, is there any thing brewing with Falcon's and Jared Allen? Mixed feeling on this one.

(ChiefsFanForever) - Any take on the Ron Edwards resigning?

(adamcaplan) - RED: I can't see KC trading him.

(adamcaplan) - ATL needs a DE badly. But KC can't afford to deal him and I think cooler heads prevail here.

(adamcaplan) - CF: They kind of had to sign Edwards, they needed him back. You can't trust Sims.

(ChiefsFanForever) - When Sims get cut will there be any takers if so who?

(adamcaplan) - Guys: I'm going to run we'll do this again in a few weeks.

(TheDreadedNuge) - Thanks Adam. Top Stories