Dolphins On the Clock?

It appears the Miami Dolphins are concerned over the recent inquiries surrounding Chiefs quarterback Trent Green. They may be stepping up their efforts to acquire him in the coming days. According to our source, the Dolphins have resigned themselves to the fact that Chiefs President Carl Peterson isn't going to part ways with Green for a sixth or seventh-round pick.

It's going to take more than that to get Green, especially when you consider the Dolphins flirtation with free agent David Carr is nowhere near the first date stage – it appears they've made the decision that Green is their man.

Carr has been on the open market for over a week and has yet to visit with any NFL club. It's possible that his inactivity may be due to a desire to retire.

The Dolphins are in a precarious position because they've already agreed to a new contract with Green. They know that potential trades to Cleveland and Detroit, though not likely, could alter the plans their plans for 2007.

Regardless of what you read or hear, the Daunte Culpepper era in Miami is over. He will be released sometime in the next couple of months. The Dolphins are dead set on Green.

Dolphins General Manager Randy Mueller has mishandled this deal. You never show your hand to Peterson when you're in the process of a poker showdown. Right now the Chiefs are staying steadfast on a second-round pick for Green, knowing that they are in the driver's seat with three teams in the bidding.

Peterson will never divulge what the Browns or Lions are offering, but it's safe to assume each understands they'll have to exceed Miami's offer. That makes for a dangerous situation for the Dolphins.

Because of that, Mueller is hoping to strike a deal sometime next week. The Chiefs might be willing to budge a little on compensation and settle for a fifth-round pick, but the Dolphins are fresh out of those.

Last year they gave the Lions their 2007 fifth-round pick for Joey Harrington. Miami might have to give up their fourth-round pick to get this deal done.

However, they have to understand when they make that offer that Peterson will call his good buddy Matt Millen in Detroit, follow up with his counterpart Phil Savage in Cleveland, and see what they might offer.

It's clear that Green would love to play for the Dolphins next season, but in my opinion if a team like the Browns guarantees him a starting job as Miami has already, he'd seriously consider it.

The money situation also won't be an issue for Cleveland, as the Browns have plenty of cap space to negotiate a deal with Green. In fact, they could probably give him far more money than what the Dolphins have already agreed to pony up.

But again, Miami appears to be in a rush to get this deal done. They start offseason workouts next week, and they need this situation resolved before they visit with any potential draft picks.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, are in no hurry and could conceivably wait until the morning of the NFL Draft to trade Green. They know his potential suitors will come to them, and have no preference where he ends up.

Peterson is in the catbird seat and he knows it. Chiefs fans can hold out hope that he will eventually snag a first-day draft pick in exchange for Green.

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