Chief Debate: Ryan Sims

Since the Chiefs drafted Ryan Sims in 2002, he obviously hasn't lived up to his potential as the sixth overall pick. His career has been hampered by failed expectations, two serious injuries and poor coaching.

The Chiefs had to move up in order to select Sims, sending a third-rounder to Dallas, who selected cornerback Derek Ross with the pick.

The good news is that Ross only had one productive NFL season - his first - so that trade didn't hurt the Chiefs too badly. However, if they had retained the pick they may have selected running back Brian Westbrook. And had that occurred, perhaps the Chiefs don't select Larry Johnson a year later.

But the greater issue is the fact the Chiefs could have waited, kept the eighth overall pick and taken defensive end Dwight Freeney – selected three spots later by the Colts – or grabbed Albert Haynesworth, who went 15th.

Both would have been perfect fits in Kansas City. Instead, the team gave Sims a huge contract despite the fact he missed nearly the entire preseason his rookie year.

The Chiefs should have known bad things would follow.

Sims broke his elbow and missed 10 games his first year. His second and third seasons were marred by former defensive coordinator Greg Robinson, who felt that Sims was swift enough to drop back in coverage instead of penetrating the middle of the offensive line. For proof, review the 2003 playoff loss against the Indianapolis Colts.

That was the beginning of the end. For the next two years, Sims floundered before coming alive in the summer of 2005, when he worked his tail off and was in the best shape of his life. He was clearly the most impressive defensive player on the team at the time and there were signs he'd finally grown up and was ready to be a dominant player.

But in the season opener against the New York Jets he injured his foot and would spent the next 12 weeks rehabbing. To his credit, Sims did get back on the field after his Lisfranc injury. He could have chosen surgery, but he wanted to help his team.

After Herm Edwards took over as head coach in 2006, Sims knew his life as a Chief would change.

During the 2006 training camp, Edwards told Sims nothing would be given to him. If he wanted to be a starter, he'd have to earn it. That didn't sit well with Sims, and it showed in practice.

That led to the Chiefs signing journeymen defensive tackles Ron Edwards and James Reed. Early in training camp the pair moved ahead of Sims and Lional Dalton on the depth chart.

Sims wasn't happy about it, but he understood he'd be a backup. Though he was clearly upset that he'd fallen out of favor with the head coach, he went on the field and gave an effort. It might not have been his best, but it was one nonetheless.

Now that the Chiefs have signed Alphonso Boone, retained Edwards and kept Jimmy Wilkerson, Sims' future is clearly in doubt.

The issue for the Chiefs isn't money, and that alone almost certainly assures they'll part ways with Sims. He's scheduled to earn $1.9 million this year, but sometimes you have to cut your losses and move on in this league.

And that probably is best for everyone. I will say this about Sims - he's a great guy on and off the field. He simply couldn't deliver the goods on Sunday, but he's hardly alone among some of the other busts in NFL history. Top Stories