NEW PODCAST: Who Will KC take at #23?

On the April 11th edition of Warpaint Illustrated's Out Of Bounds we answer the following questions from the Warpaint Illustrated message board community.

A) I was wondering when Warpaint TV would be available and will it be available to everyone or just the premium members only? - Missouri Pride

B) I read today the Chiefs could possibly not retain Dante Hall, and Webb could take over those duties.. If that's the case what sort of trade value does a player like that have and what teams maybe interested?? - Warpaint69

C) Who are Mike Campbell's top 5 for at the 23rd pick? - STaylor26

D) Of the WRs that could possibly be drafted on the first day, how would you rank them on downfild blocking? - Chiefs007

E) Are the Chiefs still interested in bringing in another kicker; either by drafting one or signing a FA? - spaniel21

F) What kind of surprising cuts around the NFL or in KC will we see the rest of the off-season?

G) With the off-season workouts underway and OTA's to begin later, what's the latest on Shields and Weigmann? When will it be official with each player? - Rcchief

H) What are the chances the Chiefs draft a FB this year, or do you think they are happy with Wilson and Boomer? - Chiefs007

I) Who are the most likely trading partners for Greg Wesley and what kind of compensation would we be likely to receive? - Satire

J) With the moves in free agency, and the promise of starting young players, is there a realistic chance of making the playoffs? Or do you see this as more of a re-building year?

K) The Panthers have put Kris Jenkins on the trade block, do the Chiefs have any interest? - Warpaint69

L) With Green surely gone, And if Croyle still is not ready to start, wouldn't it be wise to have another back up to fill in? Preferably a veteran starter? And if so who could we get? Or do we just give to the Kid? - Psemrau

M) Are there any free agent visits left for the chiefs before the draft? After the draft? - Futureheadcoach

The April 11th edition of Out Of Bounds was hosted by Warpaint Illustrated's Mike Campbell and Nick Athan. The music featured on this week's show was performed by Isaac Hayes, Dkun Frost, Dkun Frost (x2), and Mr. G Reality.

The Out Of Bounds intro was performed by Dennis "The Voice" Jackson and each show is produced by Warpaint Illustrated's Mike Campbell. Warpaint lllustrated would also like to thank the Chiefs media relations department for their assistance in acquiring interviews, providing statistics, and assisting with other services and information.

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