Breaking Down KC's Schedule

The NFL awarded Kansas City a Thanksgiving Night contest in honor of the late Lamar Hunt last season. It was without a doubt the best show, the best crowd and the greatest primetime experience of any game shown on National TV a year ago.

But that wasn't good enough for the NFL schedule makers this year. They excluded the Chiefs and their great fans from an opportunity to expand upon last year's brilliant evening at Arrowhead Stadium. The release of the NFL schedule on Wednesday confirmed that the Chiefs have only one primetime game, and it is set on a Sunday at the end of the year.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, the Chiefs open with three of four games on the road and finish in the same manner.

The good news - the Chiefs play six of eight games at home in the middle of the season.

With that said, this schedule is anything but exciting. In fact, I don't see it as all that difficult.

The challenges of this schedule take place on the road, and that's where this team will live and die in its efforts to win the division.

But before we get that far, let's break down it down game by game and predict the Chiefs 2007 wins and losses.

Week #1 @ Houston - David Carr is gone. Enter the most heralded backup quarterback in the history of the NFL, Matt Schaub. He alone won't be enough to beat the Chiefs, because Houston's defense is still bad. The Chiefs are undefeated in Reliant stadium in regular season games and that streak will continue.
Record 1-0

Week #2 @ Chicago - For the second consecutive week, the Chiefs play a team in their home opener. The Bears open up at San Diego before raising their NFC Championship Flag at home. That'll be enough to defeat the Chiefs.
Record 1-1

Week #3 vs. Vikings - Finally the road-weary Chiefs come home to face a Minnesota team that has dominated the Chiefs away from Arrowhead. But fortunately this one takes place in Kansas City, and with a young quarterback and an underachieving team, the Chiefs will win this game with ease.
Record: 2-1

Week #4 @ San Diego - This will be a big test for the Chiefs. The Chargers could be reeling early from potential losses to the Bears at home and Patriots on the road. The Chiefs might end up being their whipping boys.
Record: 2-2

Week #5 vs. Jaguars - Last year Jacksonville came into Arrowhead and gave the Chiefs a game. Quarterback injuries led to the demise of the Jaguars a year ago, and that position still hasn't been settled this offseason. Kansas City will make it two in a row.
Record: 3-2

Week #6 vs. Bengals - This game is payback for the injury sustained by quarterback Trent Green. This week might be the one the Chiefs circle on their schedule over any other game outside the division. The Bengals will be without wide receiver Chris Henry, and perhaps others, depending on the wrath of NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.
Record: 4-2

Week #7 @ Raiders - Oakland features a young coach and a young offense possibly led by a rookie quarterback. That spells trouble for the Raiders. Sooner or later the Chiefs' winning streak over Oakland has to end, but it won't be this Sunday.
Record: 5-2

Week #8 – Bye Week

Week #9 vs. Green Bay - This will be Brett Favre's swan song in Kansas City. The Chiefs feast on NFC teams at Arrowhead, as they did in going 4-0 a year ago. Chiefs keep winning.
Record: 6-2

Week #10 vs. Denver - The Broncos play a six of their final nine games on the road, and this game kicks off a very difficult stretch for them. With the ghost of Jake Plummer gone, Denver pulls out a win.
Record: 6-3

Week #11 @ Colts - Last year's playoff loss in Indianapolis was one of the worst in franchise history. Let's just hope this game isn't a repeat of that disaster. Either way, the Colts defeat the Chiefs .
Record: 6-4

Week #12 vs. Raiders - This game will once again be close, but Larry Johnson is just too much for the Raiders.
Record: 7-4

Week #13 vs. Chargers - Payback for Donnie Edwards. After an embarrassing performance against San Diego in week four, the Chiefs will put it all together and climb back into the AFC West race.
Record: 8-4

Week #14 @ Denver - Last year the Chiefs deserved to beat the Broncos in Denver, but they didn't. There is one game every season where you have to believe the Chiefs will play like a champion, and my bet is on this game as Kansas City avenges its loss at home in November.
Record: 9-4

Week #15 vs. Titans - Vince Young will be a year wiser, and the Titans will improve on defense, but that won't be enough as the Chiefs bring the former Texas quarterback down to earth.
Record: 10-4

Week #16 @ Lions - The first of two road games to end the season. The Lions, playing for nothing, have the game of their life and nip the Chiefs on a last-minute field goal.
Record: 10-5

Week #17 @ Jets - In what could be their only Primetime NFL Broadcast, the Chiefs will be fighting for a playoff spot against an improved New York team that will also most likely need a win to make the playoffs. Kansas City has never played well at the Meadowlands and this game will be no different.
Final Record: 10-6

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