2007 NFL Draft Value Board - Offensive Line

In Part 1 of Warpaint Illustrated's exclusive NFL Draft Value board, Mike Campbell takes a look at the Top 12 collegiate offensive line prospects entering the draft this year.

1. OT Joe Thomas – Wisconsin – 6-foot-7, 311

Joe Thomas is probably the most complete tackle to enter the draft in the past five to seven years. When you watch him on film, Thomas is one of those rare players that lacks any glaring weaknesses in his game. He can pass block as well as D'Brickashaw Ferguson (the pass-blocking phenom of last year's draft) yet run block as well as Marcus McNeill (the run-blocking phenom of last year's draft). As our top-rated player in this draft we expect him to step in and immediately dominate his NFL opponents.

2. OT Levi Brown - Penn State – 6-foot-6, 323

Levi Brown can do everything required of a starting left tackle in the National Football League. He's intelligent, powerful, and a sound technician, but where he impresses most is his extreme explosiveness at the point of attack on run plays. As a pass protector he has the quick first step you look for, along with good knee bend and balanced footwork. While he might not be the "All World" player that Joe Thomas is, he's still talented enough to be one of our top 10 players in this year's draft.

3. C Ryan Kalil - U.S.C. – 6-foot-3, 299

From a height, weight and speed ratio standpoint alone, Kalil is an amazing talent. He's also the best fundamental technician in this year's crop of offensive linemen. The only way to describe him is to call him a bigger, faster and stronger version of Casey Wiegmann. There is little doubt in my mind he'll soon be challenging for the title of best center in football.

4. OG Ben Grubbs - Auburn – 6-foot-3, 320

Ben Grubbs is the best pure guard in this year's draft. At 320 pounds he has the power to pivot and seal off pursuit down the line, but also possesses enough athleticism to pull and hit the perimeter. I like to call him an "athletic mauler," as he's somewhere between a Max Jean-Gilles and a Brian Waters.

5. OT Justin Blalock - Texas – 6-foot-3, 320

A lot of scouts have Justin Blalock penciled in as an NFL guard, but in my opinion he doesn't belong anywhere else other than right tackle. He's an athletic and powerful monster that's more than happy to head hunt on the back side of plays. For the past three years he's been the best right tackle in college football and he'd be in the NFL's top five the minute he signed his contract.

6. OT Joe Staley - Central Michigan – 6-foot-6, 306

As a former tight end turned tackle, Staley is a highly athletic big man with a great deal of potential. On tape he has all of the athletic attributes that scouts typically look for in a left tackle prospect (quick feet, long arms, knee bend and intelligence). He hasn't always faced the toughest competition coming from the MAC, but he has played well against bigger schools when the opportunity presented itself.

7. OG Arron Sears - Tennessee – 6-foot-3, 315

Good, strong college tackle that is probably going to have to kick inside to guard if he wants to make it in the NFL.

8. C Dustin Fry - Clemson – 6-foot-3, 325

Fry is a highly underrated player that can do it all. Fry's combination of weight, balance and lower body strength will make him a hot commodity for teams that face a lot of opponents running a base 3-4 defense. It should be noted that Fry was the strongest player on Clemson's roster last season and he's also a former state champion wrestler, so he understands how to maximize leverage against his opponents.

9. C Samson Satele – Hawaii – 6-foot-3, 300

Athletic, deceptively powerful center. Near perfect when it comes to his fundamentals. Will probably remind most fans of Kevin Mawae.

10. OT James Marten - Boston College – 6-foot-8, 309

Marten has a nice mix of size and athleticism, but he's still a little raw. He should make leaps and bounds once he's under the tutelage of an NFL staff.

11. OT Tony Ugoh - Arkansas – 6-foot-5, 301

Tony Ugoh is an amazing athlete with unlimited physical ability. Unfortunately he's still a little raw and inconsistent, but will pay big dividends for the team that drafts him, sticks with him, and molds him.

12. OG Kasey Studdard – Texas – 6-foot-3, 305

Studdard is an athletic second-level striker with a mean streak.

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