Adam Caplan Chat Wrap 4-18-07

Last night, football expert stopped in for a live chat with Warpaint Illustrated members. Here's the transcript:

Now talking in chiefs

IcEDrEaMs - What do you think we'll wind up getting for Green?

adamcaplan - As for Dante Hall, conditional 6-7th area. Is the most they can get if they can get anything for him.

adamcaplan - That one could happen during the draft.

ChiefsInsider - There was a report that the Tennessee and possibly Carolina are interested in him... What teams do you hear are showing interest in Hall.

adamcaplan - KC has called teams, that's where the interest has been really from. But Carolina would like to keep Steve Smith off of PRs and they could use a solid KR And TEN has an issue with Adam Jones gone on KR.

Chiefs007 - I am out in NC right now and the seems that the fans would like to have Dante Hall.

adamcaplan - Hall has lost a lot so there won't be much of a market for him.

adamcaplan - But he's worth a shot with a late rounder

kmartin575 - What about Greg Wesley?

adamcaplan - I can't see him being moved at what he's being paid. He'll either get a cut in pay or he gets cut

kmartin575 - This is just my opinion but I think the Archuleta trade set the value for a Wesley trade. I'm pretty sure Archuleta is making alot more than Wesley with the big contract Washington gave him.
adamcaplan - KM: There was only one team that wanted Archuleta and Chicago only wanted him because Lovie Smith coached him.

ChiefsInsider - He'll have to take a pay cut but I would be surprised if he doesn't accept one to get out of Dodge

adamcaplan - Wesley is set to make 2.7 mill this season, 2.5 in 08, 3.3 mill in '09. There is no way anyone would take that

ChiefsFanForever - Any word on if the Chiefs plan to trade up in the draft or stay trade down or move out of the 1st rd or stay at 23.

adamcaplan - CFF: if they stay at #23, WR, CB, S, G, DT

adamcaplan - RT also will be considered on first day

TheZou - Why exactly would they go safety in the 1st round?

44Grimmace - Trade bait?

adamcaplan - Jarrett, Aaron Ross, Ben Grubbs, Justin Harrell those are the players that will likely be there at #23.

ChiefsInsider - What's your take on Jarrett?

adamcaplan - CI: He has tremendous physical skills but has his downside, getting off press coverage and he doesn't run well.

STaylor26 - Who's the 1 guy that has a good chance at 23 and if he's there the Chiefs will more then likely take him.

adamcaplan - I say if Ginn drops, they'd take him in a heartbeat.

Chiefs007 – What's the chance we can rebuild our complete offensive line through the draft.

adamcaplan - 007: I would expect them to have at least three OLs by the end of the draft

44Grimmace - Any starter material?

adamcaplan - 1-2 Gs, RT. McIntosh is a decent 2-year stopgap at LT

ChiefsFanForever - Adam do you see the Chiefs taking the best player at 23 OR NOT CUZ I THINK AT 23 THE BEST PLAYER WOULD BE AT 23 Depending on how the draft goes would be either WR DeWayne Bowe or DeWayne Jarret who would you take and do you see the Chiefs taking one of them or will it be Aron Ross Stubbs or Harrell or do they go DT In Rd 2.

kmartin575 - Chiefs seem to think Chris Terry will start at RT though

adamcaplan - 44: They can get a guard who could push to start this season in the first two rounds.

adamcaplan - CFF: Bowe probably will go before they pick. He's higher on most draft boards.

Chiefs007 - What is your take on Ben Grubbs?

adamcaplan - 007: Very solid player who could start in year one probably the only guard who can and they could use one like that.

IcEDrEaMs - Who are some of your favorite sleeper prospects? Depending on Welbourn is risky. But at least he did start 55 games for the Eagles inside.

Chiefs007 - Will he be there when we pick

adamcaplan - Ice: Jake Bender/OLT. 007: 50-50, he's clearly the best player at his position.

kmartin575 - I think one of either Bowe or Meachem could fall to us

ChiefsFanForever - Could Justin Harrell be there at 23 and whats your thoughts on him.

adamcaplan - Second round WR's-Craig Davis, Steve Smith. 575: Jarrett has a decent chance to make it there.

adamcaplan - CFF: Big upside, underrated, he should go somewhere late in the first round.

STaylor26 - Harrell would be a much higher pick if he wouldn't have gotten injured this past season.

ChiefsFanForever - Adam since Jarrett could be there at 23 do you see the Chiefs taking him or do they pass and get Arron Ross and I keep hearing Ross is the best coner in the draft whats your thoughts?

ChiefsInsider. Adam, what do you think of Boise State Quarterback Jared Zabransky? I hear KC and Philly have shown him some love.

adamcaplan - CFF: Ross is solid but no teams have him as the top one. I'd take the CB over a WR there. CI: I like Zabransky late, he did well at the combine. CFF: There are some decent WRs they can still get on the first day.

STaylor26 - I think the Chiefs go Revis in round 1 if they go CB.

ChiefsFanForever - CI Is Croyle the future?

STaylor26 - He fits the Tampa 2 the ebst out of the top CB's

ChiefsInsider - I think Brodie will be the starter in 2007.

adamcaplan - ST: Revis will likely be gone by 323

Chiefs007 - What round do the chiefs draft a WR, I personally don't think we draft WR in the 1st.

44Grimmace – 3 maybe 4.

adamcaplan - 007: First day, second makes sense

STaylor26 - You think so Adam? I don't see it with Houston and Hall likely going before him.

adamcaplan - Depending who is on the board

adamcaplan - 26: Houston should still be there

ChiefsFanForever - Oh the pain is killing me i want the draft to get here!

adamcaplan - The later you pick the harder it is to see who will be left on the board.

STaylor26 - Who's your big sleeper Adam?

adamcaplan - 26: As mentioned earlier, OLT Jake Bender-Nichols St.

ChiefsFanForever - Who is that DE from Purdue everyone keeps hyping.

adamcaplan CFF: Anthony Spencer. He's a tweener and can play 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE.

STaylor26 - I love Spencer

ChiefsFanForever - Yeah him where does he likely fall?

STaylor26 - Underated IMO

adamcaplan - CFF: PIT may take him at #15

adamcaplan - He looked good during Senior Bowl practices.

STaylor26 - Very good. gave some of the better OT's fits

adamcaplan - High motor player

STaylor26 - Joe Thomas says he's the best DE he played against

adamcaplan - Not sure though how he will play standing up

ChiefsFanForever - I seen some mock drafts have us take Andre Allison WR ECU And DT Quinn Pitcock From Ohio State what's your thoughts on these guys would they be good picks in the later rounds?

adamcaplan - CFF: Allison is a solid option in rounds -3-4. Pitock-4th probably he can play 3-4 OLB or 4-3 DE. Allison can really run he dropped some passes during Senior Bowl practices but he really ran well.

STaylor26 - We need to get a chat going on draft day.

IcEDrEaMs - Yeah

STaylor26 - Nick will you guys be on?

ChiefsInsider - Oh year we'll be at Arrowhead from the first to the last pick.

adamcaplan - Guys: That's all the time I have, we can do it again next week if Nick wants to. Later.

ChiefsInsider - Thanks Adam. Top Stories