CHAT WRAP: Adam Caplan

What is the compensation for LJ looking like, or what is being offered or asked for? BRA: They will want at least a high second and remember Faulk went for a #2 and #5 in his walk year.

What are the chances we get Kris Jenkins? What do you think he ends up going for a 3rd rounder?
BD: STL wants him and a few others I don't see it He doesn't always play at a high level any more. I heard STL backed off of it, is that wrong?
BD: They will talk up until the draft.

Adam and CI if the Chiefs move LJ to Cleveland, what would you guys do with the 3rd and 23rd pick in found one?
TOM: They wouldn't get the #3 pick No way CLE would do that.

Whats your opinion of Justin Harrell? Would he be worth #23?
BD: Very solid second rounder but Denver likes him.

Adam what then is the compensation that KC is looking for LJ??
BRA: They will want a high #2 and more. Peterson is shopping him hard.

Adam will Wesley get traded by the draft?
CFF: Unlikely he's making way too much money.

Adam if we get the Bills 12th any chance Okoye is there?
Harrell makes sense but Okoye would take Sims' place.

Adam we aren't looking at Alan Branch are we? Being a Michigan fan I would hate having him as a Chief. The only reason he was that good is because the other 6 he had around him
Issues there big talent but runs out of gas a lot.

Who's the better DT...Harrell or Tank Tyler? Are Harrell's past injuries a big concern or was that a fluke?
BD: Tyler better run stopped, Harrell more athletic and more upside Tyler would help though.

Who will the Chiefs take at #23?
CFF: Depends who is their. Ginn also would be a solid pick. BTW nice job by CP there.
I agree I didn't think he could get a 5th for Hall.
Adam was was Dante real value cuz it seems like we rapped the Rams.
Amazing. Shocker. STL is stupid and CP did a great job.

What are the odds on LJ being traded?
RW: I can't put odds on it, lets just say he's being shopped hard.

Any idea where Marcus Thomas will go in the draft? Would the Chiefs be willing to take a chance on him?
BD: Probably third.

being shopped hard? Is that because the chiefs realize they can't sign him next offseason?
SY: Contract demands and free agent. But the real question is what they do if they trade him. There aren't any starters really after Lynch and Peterson.

What about Michael Bush? Have we shown any interest in him?
I know he has a risk of injury, but he may be a good value. He's a third rounder. next question...since we are in need of two running backs..would it be intelligent to maybe draft one in the third(bush, hunt or booker) and maybe get another in the 5th.
SY: I would expect even if LJ stays for them to get a back on the first day they are not happy with Bennett.

Adam I saw a report this morning that Chris Terry may get a lifetime ban what are you hearing?
CFF: Why they signed him I don't know. Terry has a very bad off the field history.

If the Chiefs get two first rounders could they get maybe staley and grubbs?
Grubbs may go in the first. He's the best guard in the draft. But I'd take him a little farther down.

What do need more right now staley, grubbs, or harrell?
Grubbs or Harrell both could start for the Chiefs.

Adam is there any logical reason the chiefs would draft a 1st round wr? because if there is no offensive line what good is a WR?
SY: Depends who is there.

are the chiefs showing any interest in Chris Leak or Jared Zabransky?
SY: I like Zabransky good combine.

All: That's all the time I have
Thanks Adam
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