Drum Beats: Draft Day 1

Day one of the 2007 NFL draft is in the books and nothing really exciting happened for the Chiefs, relatively speaking.

On a day when teams were trading picks back and forth like kids with Pokemon cards, the Chiefs had an uneventful day. As of Saturday night, quarterback Trent Green hadn't been moved. There was no blockbuster Herschel Walker deal for Larry Johnson, just an honest, straightforward draft with no fireworks.

Of course, the day had its moments. Twice, the Cleveland Browns traded directly in front of the Chiefs to take a player they thought the Chiefs were interested in. The first time, in the initial round, the Browns gave the Cowboys their 2008 first-round pick and two other 2006 picks for the right to draft Notre Dame's Brady Quinn. I don't think the Chiefs would have taken Quinn with that pick, however, and the Browns probably could have made the same deal with the Chiefs and given slightly less away.

The Browns later gave away more picks to cut in line and take UNLV cornerback Eric Wright. That was probably a good move, because the Chiefs had several visits with Wright and, despite his past issues, were interested. He'll probably end up being a good pro.

What the Chiefs were able to do on the first day was significantly improve the defensive line and add what looks to be an impact wide receiver to the offense. The Chiefs probably would have liked to add a young cornerback to the mix, to learn behind veterans Ty Law and Patrick Surtain, but they may be able to add a decent guy today, particularly if a deal for Green is reached with the Miami Dolphins. We also learned that the Chiefs, despite what everyone thinks, feel pretty good about the state of the offensive line - although they may take a look at some more line help, particularly at the center position.

Let's take a look at the three newest Chiefs.

FIRST ROUND – WR Dewayne Bowe, 6-foot-2, 221

Bowe's definitely the big physical wide receiver the Chiefs wanted. He's tough, fearless and willing to do the dirty work downfield in the running game. He's also the sort of big target that helps a quarterback. If the Chiefs go with young quarterback Brodie Croyle as their starter next season, Bowe gives him another big impact guy to go along with Tony Gonzalez. The Chiefs went from a small, quick receiving corps to a big, physical one in a single year. Bowe will likely be the starter next season.

SECOND ROUND – DT Claude "Turk" McBride, 6-foot-2, 277

Rather smallish, McBride still looks to be the Chiefs' answer at defensive tackle. After rather horrid play from the interior line last year, the Chiefs needed an explosive young player to threaten the quarterback. In the Chiefs' Cover 2 scheme, interior pressure is a must to protect the cornerbacks and safeties while they make their reads. McBride also has the speed and versatility to play defensive end, something the Chiefs will ask him to do, particularly while current starter Jared Allen serves his four-week suspension. The only questions about McBride are can he be an impact guy as a starter for a full season in the NFL and will he be able to add a little more bulk if he makes a permanent move to the middle?

THIRD ROUND – DT DeMarcus "Tank" Tyler, 6-foot-2, 306

A big, pocket collapsing one-gap defensive tackle, who likely pay dividends for the Chiefs against the run. He'll probably start for the Chiefs this season, alongside Turk McBride, if only because the tackles were dreadful for the Chiefs last season. Tank's the total package of size, strength, and quickness, but it was a little confusing why the Chiefs picked him after taking McBride in the second, especially with a developmental cornerback like Johnathan Wade still there. Still, the guy's got the right attitude. He'll probably be a good pro for the Chiefs for a good while.

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