Drum Beats: Draft Day 2

That's all folks. The televised portion of the 2007 draft is over, with very little fanfare for the Kansas City Chiefs.

There were no trades for quarterback Trent Green or safety Greg Wesley, the Chiefs didn't attempt to move up or down (as far as we know) in any point in the draft. They just sat there and took their shots when they came. It may not have been the sexiest draft, but it looks like it'll turn out to be a productive one.

A couple of quick points before I get to the picks: First, the Trent Green saga isn't over by a long shot. There's still a better than average chance Green will be in another team's uniform next season. Chiefs President Carl Peterson just wasn't going to give Green away for a handful of magic beans. The Miami Dolphins and the rest of the league found out that Peterson may just be serious about keeping Green. As training camp gets closer, once teams start to figure out what they have, they'll get active again in pursuing Green.

Or, he'll end up being cut.

The second phase of the draft began last night - the scramble to sign undrafted free agents. Teams have already started signing guys who didn't get selected, and the Chiefs will be in the fray as well. They didn't pick a developmental cornerback, so maybe they'll acquire one in the next few days.

Let's take a look at the Chiefs from Day 2.

FIFTH ROUND #1 – RB Kolby Smith, 5-foot-11, 219

It might have seemed a little weird to some that the Chiefs went with a running back at all in this draft, but I have a feeling Smith is the fullback of the future for the Chiefs. He'll have to add a little bulk, but he's got the frame to do it. Physically, and from an overall skill standpoint, he's got all the makings of a Tony Richardson-type fullback, which has become a tradition for the Chiefs. Smith runs fairly well, catches the football and blocks. The Chiefs have been converting big halfbacks like Smith to fullback for a long time, and it seems to work out for them.

FIFTH ROUND #2 – K Justin Medlock, 6-0, 197

The addition of Medlock probably spells the end for Lawrence Tynes. It was apparent the Chiefs had some concerns about the kicker position when they signed Aaron Barret. The Chiefs like Medlock's big leg, and they like the fact that he's an outdoor kicker. Medlock's got some of the same issues as Tynes (he's a little inconsistent at times) but his ceiling is much higher. Kansas City's looking to get him in town as soon as possible to get him working with punter Dustin Colquitt, so they can get their field goal rhythm down before camps begin.

SIXTH ROUND – OT Herb Taylor, 6-foot-3, 296

Basically, Taylor's another guy for the Chiefs to throw into the competition for the right tackle spot. He'll be going against Will Svitek, Chris Terry and Kevin Sampson, but the Chiefs like his athleticism, fire and intelligence. He'll get some time at tackle until the Chiefs decide he can't play the position, and then he'll likely get a shot at guard. Taylor's got good mobility and will excel in a zone-blocking environment.

SEVENTH ROUND – TE Michael Allan, 6-foot-6, 255

Honestly, I can't say much about Allan, except that he's a big guy, with excellent speed for his size. He's more of receiving tight end than a blocking tight end, but he's likely going to have to wait his turn and develop before ever touching the field. There may be more of an adjustment for him, coming from a Division III school.

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