One On One: UCLA Kicker Justin Medlock

Shortly after the draft on Sunday, Warpaint Illustrated Publisher Nick Athan went one-on-one with the Chiefs' second pick in the fifth round, UCLA Kicker Justin Medlock.

WPI: Congratulations on being drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs. How do you feel about that?

Justin Medlock: "I'm excited and thrilled. I thought there was a possibility that I could get out there and get working."

WPI: We understand you've already graduated from UCLA so you'll be able to participate in the Chiefs mini-camp and OTAs in May, is that correct?

Justin Medlock: "I just told the coach (Herm Edwards) that I'd like to get out there for mini-camp and once that's over I want to start working with (punter) Dustin Colquitt right away. He's never held for a left-footed kicker so we'll start working on it and I plan on being out there (Kansas City) for a while."

WPI: What adjustment will Dustin have to make from the left side?

Justin Medlock: "I talked to one of my former punters, Chris Cooley, who went to the Minnesota Vikings, and he held for left-footed kicker Ryan Longwell. He says it's a lot easier but you still have to get used to it. Essentially you are looking at it with a different eye and catching the ball with a different spin. I think after taking a few snaps that it'll eventually get easier for him."

WPI: What did Herm Edwards say to you when you spoke with him on the phone after you were drafted, and in particular knowing that the team already has a veteran kicker on the roster. What do you bring to the competition for the starting job?

Justin Medlock: "I just bring consistency, my percentage speaks for itself. I've never had a bad season. My freshman year I converted on 72 percent of my attempts. I just kept getting better every year. People have said that I'm not good on kick-offs but I've gotten a lot better at it and that's what the coaches saw in me at the workouts. I'm just excited to come in and compete for the starting job in Kansas City."

WPI: What do you know about the Kansas City? I know one of your teammates, safety Jarrad Page, joined the organization last season. Have you had a chance to talk with him since you found out you were drafted by the Chiefs? What's your perception of this team living out on the West Coast?

Justin Medlock: "I talked to Jarrad last week. He was in the weight room working out. He told me that he'd put in a good word for me. I don't know much about Kansas City. I'm from the bay area but I'm familiar with the Oakland rivalry." Top Stories