Dolphins Dropped The Rock On Green

One thing is perfectly clear – the Chiefs will have a new starting quarterback next season. After efforts to trade veteran Trent Green to the Miami Dolphins failed over the weekend, the Chiefs now sit in awkward position. But even though they still have last year's starter on the roster, this team is going forward into a new era.

And that era, despite what you may have heard over the weekend, will be launched by the Chiefs' plan to start a young quarterback – Brodie Croyle – for the first time in a long time.

The Chiefs did everything in their power to trade Green to the only team he said he wants to play for in 2007 – the Dolphins. Knowing that Carl Peterson made a fair and reasonable offer, Dolphins head coach Cam Cameron backed off his stance once he found the sentiment in Miami over passing on Notre Dame's Brady Quinn – unbearable.

There is a reason some men are destined to be assistant coaches, and some believe Cam Cameron is one of those guys. He was the offensive architect behind the development of Drew Brees and Philip Rivers in San Diego. He was also the guy who refused to put the ball into the hands of LaDanian Tomlinson in last year's home playoff loss to the New England Patriots.

Now he made the poor decision to draft Ohio State wideout Ted Ginn, Jr with the ninth overall pick, instead of Quinn. The fans in Miami were sure their team was about to draft the next Dan Marino. Instead they were left with a small wide receiver who is injured and probably won't be ready to practice before the start of training camp.

The Chiefs, on the other hand, made it clear Green was still their starting quarterback, at least semantically speaking, and for now he'll remain on the roster. Peterson indicated the Chiefs have enough cap room to keep him in Kansas City for the entire 2007 season.

Now what?

In the local rag on Monday morning, Green's agent, Jim Steiner, made it clear his client is done in Kansas City. In fact, he's not likely going to participate in any more offseason workouts.

So the chess match gets a bit more interesting.

The Dolphins are really in a no-win situation. They scrambled on Sunday, saying they now want to see how Daunte Culpepper responds to treatment as he attempts to come back from major knee surgery. Like Ginn though, he might not be ready for training camp, and that means Cleo Lemon is number one on the quarterback depth chart.

With a disgruntled, eroding fan base in South Florida, Cameron can't let these feelings linger – not with the Dolphins' minicamp around the corner.

The Chiefs once again are in the catbird seat because they have a dual option at quarterback with Croyle and Damon Huard. The Dolphins, for all practical purposes, have nothing. Maybe they're shooting for the #1 pick in 2008. If they keep this up, they might be on the clock by June 1st.

No offense to Cleo Lemon - he may end up being the second coming of Jay Fiedler. But for a supposed offensive genius, Cameron apparently believes he can make Lemon a household name – even if that house is a house of pain. Maybe that's unfair but why would you spend so much time working on a contract with Green, court him and promise him the starting job, them don't make the trade. It makes little sense to me.

The line in the sand has been drawn by both teams, and there is no clear cut favorite in this off-the-field NFL showdown. The Chiefs will now hold out for a 2008 first-day pick. The Dolphins can only hope Green plays on his relationship with Peterson, convincing his friend to release him outright.

That's not going to happen. In the end, the Dolphins made a fool of themselves this weekend. The Chiefs moved on and played this to perfection.

In Miami, they'll debate the validity of team owner Wayne Huizenga hiring Cameron, when for a few more millions he might have had USC's Pete Carroll. The Dolphins new head coach has to understand that he's in the big leagues.

In this NFL game, you get what you pay for. Right now the Dolphins have a Lemon. Top Stories