Where Will He Be in 2008? Dwayne Bowe

Since the average NFL fan is anything but patient, let's give every single one of the Chiefs' seven draft picks this past weekend a pass in 2007. That's fair, considering we're in a win-now atmosphere.

Some will have a contribution to make, but will that ring true for every pick? It depends on many factors. Over the next week we'll talk about each draft choice and give you our thoughts concerning what contributions they might make by 2008.

First Round: Dwayne Bowe (WR) - The opinions on Bowe vary. Some people say he's a bust, others say he's brilliant, some say he was the second-best wide receiver in the draft – for the record, the last comment is accurate.

The worst analysis I heard was on a local KC radio station, where the host indicated Bowe was the benefactor of catching passes from JaMarcus Russell. Anyone who has seen film on Russell will agree he's a top-notch passer, but he lofted a ton of balls that Bowe elevated to haul in. Russell gets flustered in the pocket and will dump the ball to his receivers running short routes, which Bowe was also a part of.

The bottom line is that every pass Bowe caught in college was far from perfectly thrown. And once he caught the ball, Bowe would often do something after the catch. Correct me if I'm wrong, but that makes Bowe a pretty darn good receiver.

Does that mean he'll be a Pro Bowl wide receiver, the Chiefs' first since Otis Taylor? Maybe, maybe not. He'll be catching passes from an inexperienced quarterback in Brodie Croyle.

But that's even more reason to justify the selection of Bowe in the first round. This was a pick of need. The Chiefs have just one legitimate NFL-caliber receiver on the roster – Eddie Kennison.

Bowe is a more accomplished football player than Samie Parker, Jeff Webb or Chris Hannon. That doesn't mean they can't contribute in 2007 or beyond, but Bowe's game is more polished at the moment.

That's why he'll have an opportunity to start 2007, take his lumps and learn everything he can from Kennison.

It's likely that Bowe will unseat Parker, who really doesn't fit into the Chiefs offense anymore. They need game breakers, but he doesn't bring any of the intangibles that Bowe does – like blocking and solid route running.

The wide receiver position in the NFL is really about one thing, however, and generally if you do that well the rest of your game falls into place – you have to be able to catch the ball.

Bowe does that extremely well. He's also strong, physical and plays with passion. He isn't afraid to go over the middle and won't let a dropped pass on one drive prevent him from making the same catch on the next possession.

2007 Outlook Bowe will struggle over the first month of the season, especially since the Chiefs play three of four on the road. After some expected jitters, he'll improve as each quarter unfolds. I can easily see 50 catches and five touchdowns in his rookie year.

2008 Outlook - Bowe will be the Chiefs' top wide receiver, and the experience of his rookie season will result in an even better sophomore campaign.

Tomorrow: Turk McBride

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