Drum Beats: 2007 Chiefs Rookie Camp

And so it begins. In the warm Missouri sun, the Chiefs 2007 season got off to a start with the rookies today. Most of the guys were around just to try out, and honestly, it was decent crop. There weren't many un-drafted guys that really jumped out at you, but there were a couple that set themselves apart from the pack.

There are opportunities here for some of these young players to make the team. The Chiefs are committed to youth, and there are slots on the roster that need to be filled, particularly at cornerback, safety, wide receiver and defensive line. The Chiefs let several older veterans go this offseason, and need to fill those positions with young talent.

Overall, the day was about the newly drafted Chiefs, and except for fifth-round running back Kolby Smith, everyone was present and accounted for. It's tough to jump to any conclusions about these guys, considering they're undergoing their first NFL experience and no one was in pads, but you can definitely get a quick impression of what to expect.


About 30 minutes into practice, first-round wide receiver Dwayne Bowe showed up and gathered himself on the sidelines. After a few stretches and warm-ups, he joined his new teammates for position drills. The first thing you notice about Bowe is his size. He'll definitely be an imposing figure for cornerbacks to line up against. Other than his size, the most impressive thing about Bowe is his feet. For such a big guy, he does a great job of moving his feet, particularly getting them down on the sideline.

Bowe also has great body control, as he adjusted well to high and low balls, but there were some concerns about his hands. For the day, Bowe dropped eight or nine balls, but for now, it's not too much of a concern considering that he didn't have the best quarterbacks throwing to him. It could also be that it was his first day in the NFL. However, it's not like the guy hasn't played in big time games against top competition. I would expect an improvement tomorrow and going into the mini camps, or else there would be cause for alarm.

I'm not saying Bowe is out of shape, but he spent a lot of time on a knee with his helmet off. I imagine he probably spent the time after the combine and pro days relaxing and enjoying the process, and understandably so. If he is out of shape, he's got basically a week and a half to get back to top form.


As far as I'm concerned, defensive tackle Tank Tyler is the most impressive lineman of the new crop. At 300-plus pounds, this guy moves like a cat. He was quicker off the ball than some of the defensive ends. Tyler also showed a nice work ethic, something that may have been a problem in the past. Today he was enthusiastic about picking up whatever he could from defensive line coach Tim Krumrie.

I really, really liked what I saw out of him, and it'll be interesting to see how he looks once he has to face the likes of Brian Waters. For now, though, Tyler's passing with flying colors.


Kicker Justin Medlock missed one or two attempts, but the guy has a strong leg. I'm not putting a whole lot of stock into him until he performs in the preseason. Without the lights on, there's no way to really tell if he'll be the replacement for incumbent kicker Lawrence Tynes.


I wasn't real impressed with second-round pick Turk McBride, but hey, it's still early. He's definitely a tweener. He's built like a defensive tackle, only smaller. I thought he'd be quicker off the ball, more explosive. We'll see tomorrow, though - everyone's butterflies should be out.

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