Closure On The Horizon?

Some things are never easy. For the Chiefs and their attempts to trade quarterback Trent Green to the Miami Dolphins, it's been a strain on everyone involved.

With the start of OTAs around the corner for both the Chiefs and Dolphins, there has been a recent increase in activity to get the deal done.

Team President Carl Peterson has had discussions with his Miami counterpart, Randy Mueller, to try and come up with a reasonable solution to this mess. The two met this week in Texas at a meeting for NFL executives.

Though the two sides are still negotiating a deal it appears the Chiefs have relaxed their demand for a second-round pick. The Dolphins are now willing to go higher than the sixth-rounder they offered before the draft began last month.

That means a fourth or fifth-rounder could end up being the final payment for Green's services. Now the Chiefs former staring quarterback can get back to work in the Sunshine state and this mess will be resolved.

Green has given the Chiefs all they've asked of him, but this business is cruel to say the least, even for the most loyal of players. The decision to move this franchise in a new direction is the right move. It's also long overdue.

The Chiefs now have a strong corps at the quarterback position. They have an experienced veteran in Damon Huard, a heralded college quarterback in Brodie Croyle and a project in CFL standout Casey Printers.

As a Chiefs fan, when was the last time this organization successfully developed a young quarterback? Try never! Every starter who won games in the history of this organization was either acquired via trade or signed in free agency. Most of the rookies never lived up to their first or second-day draft status.

The positive about this change in Kansas City is that the head coach has experience in developing a young quarterback. In New York, Edwards had veteran Vinny Testaverde and the young Chad Pennington at his disposal. He allowed Pennington to take his time and after injuries and bad play mounted against the aging veteran, Edwards had his guy prepared.

The Chiefs are in a flat-out rebuilding mode. Actually they're in a renaissance mode. This organization has never been able to really build a complete football team.

Not since Hank Stram patrolled the sidelines in his freshly-pressed jacket, holding a rolled program and sporting a sharp mind, has this team been solid in all three phases of the game.

Edwards understood that when he took over a one-armed football team in 2006. He knew what it would take to build a complete team. That doesn't mean they'll win more games than they'll lose this year, but they won't be awful in the process of delivering a new brand of Chiefs football.

The final piece to completely implement that plan is to shed the past and build anew. That means finally trading Green. The roster exodus of malcontents and underachievers began the day Edwards took the job and has continued through this month.

Green isn't one of those players. He's class with a capital ‘C.' He might deserve better, but at the end of the day, or hopefully by the end of the weekend, he gets what he wants and finishes his career as a member of the Miami Dolphins. Top Stories