Drum Beats: Miami's Vice And OTA's

Apparently, GM Randy Mueller and his Miami Dolphins don't know who they're messing with.

Did they honestly think they could get Carl Peterson and the Chiefs to settle for a lowball offer for quarterback Trent Green? Lost in the shuffle of the "Carl Peterson and the Chiefs are dissing Trent" parade is the fact that obviously the Dolphins think they're going to be able to swoop in and get Green for a song. Peterson's not going let that happen.

The boys in South Beach would like you to believe is they're anything but instigators in this whole big ugly mess. First off, I find it tough to believe the Dolphins went out and came to an agreement with a player under contract without first finding out what the team that holds his rights wants as compensation. I'm also willing to bet the Chiefs told them what the price would be, and I'm pretty sure it's been consistent all along.

The Dolphins are hedging their bets that the Chiefs will eventually grow tired of this game, maybe get a little scared of Green's $7 million salary, and cut him later. Maybe the Chiefs will get embarrassed by the drama surrounding this issue. I really don't think that's going to happen - the Chiefs will keep Green around as long as it takes. The sooner the Dolphins realize it, the better.

Right now, the Dolphins have Cleo Lemon, John Beck and Gibran Hamdan ready to go at quarterback. Not exactly much talent to work with. Daunte Culpepper may potentially play well down the road, but no one really knows when he'll be right again, and he wasn't playing that great before his severe knee injury. The Dolphins need a quarterback.

Trent Green may not be the future for the Chiefs, and he may soon be 37, but he's still a tough, smart Pro-Bowl quarterback who was second only to Peyton Manning in production over the last five or six years. The bottom line is that Green is still a valuable commodity. Word on the street is the Dolphins have already nixed a draft-day deal that would have called for a sixth-round pick, plus a swap of third-round picks. It also appears they nixed a deal that would have given the Chiefs a fourth-round pick in next year's draft. Either the Dolphins are in denial about their situation or perhaps don't value Trent as much as they should.

Regardless, Peterson and the Chiefs aren't giving up Green for a seventh-round pick, and they definitely won't cut him. The sooner the Dolphins figure it out and either make a move - or move on - the better. Maybe Green should be calling out the Dolphins for not doing what it takes to get him in a teal and orange uniform, because right or wrong, the Chiefs have already decided what they want.


A couple of quick notes from OTAs:

In the absence of cornerback Ty Law, the Chiefs had safety Jarrad Page playing cornerback quite a bit, and he didn't look half bad. He's got fluid hips and runs really well. Of course, Chiefs fans shouldn't be shocked after Page moonlighted as a nickel cornerback last season, but it was just a little surprising the Chiefs choose Page so quickly. Either way, the Chiefs now have an opportunity to give Bernard Pollard more reps, so it works out.

Dwayne Bowe has been catching the ball much better now that he's playing with quality quarterbacks. At the opposite end of the spectrum, Jeff Webb struggled slightly. My early guess is that he's pressing - he looks real tight out there. I imagine he'll be getting the "relax" pep talk from the coaches soon.

Tight end Keith Willis looks sharp. Look for an interview with him soon.

Boomer Grigsby looks remarkably natural at fullback, much better than expected. It really shows that he put in work this offseason. He's got softer hands than one would expect from a converted linebacker.

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