Drum Beats: OTA Quick Hits

If Chiefs quarterback Trent Green didn't want to be at today's OTA session, it didn't show. The Chiefs "incumbent" starting quarterback was pretty sharp, making throws we hadn't seen from him in a while.

Not only was he sharp, but like the professional he is, Green took the time to tutor young quarterback Brodie Croyle between reps. Watching him, it's hard to believe he's embroiled in the trade/no trade saga going on between the Chiefs and Dolphins. If you didn't know the circumstances surrounding his status with the team, you'd never know he was having any issues with the Chiefs.


Notables not in attendance: Wide Receiver Samie Parker and cornerbacks Ty Law and Patrick Surtain. I'm not sure of the reason for any of the absences other than the fact these OTAs aren't mandatory. Expect Law to miss as much of the offseason stuff as he can get away with. His pattern has been to work out on his own and skip voluntary on-field stuff with the team.


Wide Recievers Chris Hannon and Jeff Webb stepped up their games in today's session. After a dropping a couple of passes at the beginning, Webb caught everything in his vicinity, particularly a catch where he had to go up and get the ball at it's high point to keep it from being picked off by one of two bracketing defenders. By the way, Croyle threw this pass, and it was the perfect kind of touch pass that settles between the safety and the linebacker in that intermediate area. Those are the kind of plays the Chiefs will need from their young offensive players.

The more I see of Hannon, the more I like him, and think he'll be a solid contributor this season. Not only is his speed improved, but his body control is amazing. I think the weight loss from last season is really manifesting itself in his play of late.


While Hannon and Webb are duking it out, Bowe is making a case for being the starter this season. After watching Bowe catch the ball today, I'm not sure I have questions about his hands anymore. The guy can catch, and while learning a new offense, that's something that can interfere with a young player's concentration.


Linebacker Napoleon Harris had the play of the day, with a nifty interception off Trent Green, who tried to loft the ball over Harris playing that intermediate/deep middle zone. Harris just went up and got it, showing some serious instincts and athleticism. So far, he looks a lot more comfortable in space than Kawika Mitchell was.

Michael Bragg, the young cornerback, is a player that bears watching as the offseason continues. This kid is blessed with all kinds of god-given ability. Regular readers will remember the account from last year where he came a couple inches short trying to jump and touch the ceiling of the Chiefs locker room. The ceiling's about 12 feet. Bragg's listed at 6-foot-1, although I'd challenge that.

The kid's fast and athletic, and got a great interception today, showing off some instincts. Defensive backs coach David Gibbs likes him, Herm Edwards likes him, and if he keeps it up, Chiefs fans will really like him.

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