NEW PODCAST: To Tank or Not to Tank?

On the July 3rd edition of Warpaint Illustrated's Out of Bounds Podcast we tackle Tank Johnson who is now a free agent. Should the Chiefs make a run for this dynamic yet troubled defensive tackle?

In our second show of the season the Out of Bounds Crew talks about the change in the Kansas City Chiefs locker room. We also talk about the influence that Head Coach Herm Edwards has with all of his players and how at ease the players seem to be in their second year with the coach.

In the second segment we banter back and forth about former Chicago Bears defensive tackle Tank Johnson. Should the Chiefs go after him? We offer up our takes.

In our third segment we answer questions from our message board community on various topics like LJ Contract situation, Dwayne Bowe and his negotiations thus far plus questions about depth at wide receiver, running back and tight end plus what you can expect from Warpaint Illustrated at River Falls this summer.

In the July 3rd edition of Out Of Bounds was hosted by Warpaint Illustrated's Mike Nugent and Nick Athan. This Podcast show was brought to you by Bud Brown Chrysler and also by The Boomer Grigsby Show debuting this fall at Warpaint And the music featured on this week's show was performed exclusively KC's very own on rock band - Red Line Chemistry.

The Out Of Bounds introduction was performed by Dennis "The Voice" Jackson and each show is produced by Warpaint Illustrated's Mike Nugent. Warpaint lllustrated would also like to thank the Chiefs media relations department for their assistance in acquiring interviews, providing statistics, and assisting with other services and information.

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