Priest Not Done Yet?

It appears we might not have seen the last of Priest Holmes in Kansas City.

According to a report from 610 Sports in Kansas City, Holmes is planning a comeback. If true, this makes things very interesting for Larry Johnson and the Chiefs.

When the report broke late Tuesday evening, our league source confirmed it's probable that if Holmes is medically cleared, he'll show up sometime in the first three of four days of training camp next week.

Three weeks ago a former Chiefs player told Warpaint Illustrated Holmes wanted to continue playing, and there was a chance he'd make another run in Kansas City. He has three years remaining on his contract and is expected to earn $870,000 in 2007.

The addition of Holmes would put a cramp in KC's contract talks with Alvin Keels, Johnson's agent. Granted, Priest doesn't really fit into Herm Edwards' plans, but nonetheless he'd make a solid third-down back.

This news most likely won't sit well with Johnson, considering he's going to hold out. With Holmes back, he needs to tread carefully or his value may decrease in the eyes of the organization.

That means trade talks with the Green Bay Packers could intensify over the next week. According to another source, the Chiefs will not give Johnson a contract in the ballpark of the one LaDainian Tomlinson received, under any circumstances.

The Chiefs learned a valuable lesson with Holmes and fear that one solid hit could detour LJ's career path, as was the case with Holmes. The money Johnson seeks is much greater than what Holmes received in 2003 - a $10.5 million signing bonus. Johnson wants nearly $25 million in guaranteed money, and that's a price the Chiefs simply won't pay.

It remains to be seen if Holmes has recovered from the hit he took in 2005, but if so he'll get the thumbs up from the Chiefs medical staff. In that event, Warpaint Illustrated has confirmed Holmes will likely arrive in River Falls sometime over the weekend or early next week.

In other Chiefs news, Warpaint Illustrated has learned that UCLA kicker Justin Medlock will sign his deal before Thursday.

The news on first-round draft pick Dwayne Bowe isn't as promising. According to league wide sources, his agents, led by the infamous Ethan Locke, are waiting to see what the Cleveland Browns pay quarterback Brady Quinn, who was selected one spot ahead of Bowe.

The Chiefs were hopeful that Bowe would sign prior to their departure for River Falls, but knowing the history of Locke's agency, these talks could drag on unless there is major movement with the balance of the bottom third of this year's first-round class.

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