River Falls Recap – Monday, 7/30, AM Practice

Monday, July 30, 2007 - Morning practice, 9:08 AM - 10:30 AM


Head Coach Herman Edwards was seen early in practice working alone with punter Dustin Colquitt and long snapper Jean-Phillipe Darche. A rare thing for a head coach? Perhaps, but it's the little things that make Edwards the right man for the Chiefs.

His attention to detail was again shown when he led the special teams drills, energetically throwing footballs left and right (I think he harbors a secret desire to be a quarterback). Herm's involvement in the special teams portion of practice was contrasted sharply by his approach during 7-on-7 drills. He simply stood in the middle of the field with President Carl Peterson and observed.

In defensive team drills, the Chiefs used defensive tackles Alphonso Boone and Turk McBride in a nickel package, flanked by Jared Allen and Tamba Hali at end. Tyrone Brackenridge worked at corner in this package, with the rest of the starters rounding out the lineup.

It appeared the Chiefs then sent in the "second team," consisting of:

Kendrell Bell at right defensive end

Jimmy Wilkerson at left defensive end

Keyaron Fox and Napoleon Harris at linebacker

We thought Will Svitek would surely challenge Chris Terry for the right tackle job, but today he was working with the second team at left tackle. He's got a handle on the position, too, and had some real battles with Jared Allen. Kyle Turley lined up at right tackle with the second team.

I saw a rumor on another Chiefs site the other day concerning John Welbourn's knee. I watched him extensively today and he didn't appear to have any trouble getting around. He held his ground well all practice long.

Undrafted free agent running back Marcus O'Keith may have a small frame (he's not nearly as big as Smith), but he's got some power. After a short toss from Casey Printers, he flattened cornerback Benny Sapp as the play continued.


During 9-on-7's Kolby Smith broke through the line and had a clear field in front of him. The whistle blew, but defensive end Jared Allen didn't appear to care. He began chasing Smith 30 yards down the field as he did in the Pittsburgh game a year ago. Talk about a motor.

Wide receiver Brad Ekwerekwu might have made the biggest catch of the day, a spectacular over-the-shoulder grab with cornerback Benny Sapp practically draped all over him. Ekwerekwu cradled Damon Huard's pass near the sideline and stayed in bounds as he leapt through the air.

Even when Brodie Croyle messes up, he's impressive. During 11-on-11 team drills he faked a handoff and rolled out on a bootleg, but slipped and fell down. He managed to recover and completed an off-balance throw to wideout Samie Parker.

Note to NFL quarterbacks – don't challenge Jarrad Page deep. KC's second-year safety made Damon Huard pay for attempting an ill-advised deep lob to Jeff Webb about 40 yards down the field. Page simply held his position and leaped high to secure the interception in traffic.

Note to NFL defenders – beware the wandering Croyle on running plays. Just like his predecessor Trent Green used to, Croyle mixed it up downfield on a reverse today, actively looking for someone to block. Of course it's only training camp, and no one is allowed to touch him, but it's nice to see Croyle stick his nose in there.

Backup tight end Mike Pinkard made a great shoestring catch today. Croyle threw off his back foot under pressure and the pass was underthrown, but Pinkard slowed his route and just managed to snare the ball.

Bernard Pollard is simply a force of nature. Had it been a live game, the second-year safety would have destroyed running back Michael Bennett toward the end of practice. As it was, Pollard's audible smack raised some "oohs" from the crowd.


Brodie Croyle looks poised, confident and accurate. The game doesn't appear too big for him. This isn't a rookie quarterback folks. In fact, if I had to choose, Croyle looks like the better quarterback between himself and Damon Huard.

Kolby Smith is the real deal. Powerful, quick, decisive. He also hangs onto the football, something Derrick Ross had issues with today, inciting Herm Edwards' ire.

Left tackle Damion McIntosh looks fine out there protecting whichever quarterback the Chiefs insert. He handled Jared Allen and Turk McBride well today. I only noticed Allen beat him around the corner once.


I just don't think there's a place for Kendrell Bell on this football team. I wasn't impressed with his work at defensive end today (you can't make plays on the ground), and he just disappears when he plays linebacker.

Casey Printers still holds the ball too long.

I wasn't real impressed with the wide receivers today, other than Ekwerekwu's grab and a few nice catches from Eddie Kennison and Jeff Webb. I was hoping to see Chris Hannon impress me with his blazing speed, and though he looks fantastic striding gracefully in his routes, he didn't do much today.


Priest Holmes sat out again as expected, but ran some sprints on the side. Check out the message board for some pictures of #31.


"Trust your buddy!" – Herm Edwards, during special teams drills.

"GET OFF! GET OFF!" – Defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, a millisecond after almost ever snap during 9-on-7's.

"Why are we giving him the ball?" – Edwards, lamenting a fumble by running back Derrick Ross.

"This league is like piranhas." – Edwards, referring to the turnover-loving nature of NFL defenses.

"What say you, forty-nine? You thought you were gonna get you one of them dance moves, eh?" – Edwards, playing with safety Bernard Pollard following a play.

"Can I have a hug?" – two random fans, posing questions to Pollard, who was only too happy to oblige.


Jason Dunn, Priest Holmes and Tony Gonzalez were notable inactives in the AM practice.

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