River Falls Recap – Monday, 7/30, PM Practice

Monday, July 30, 2007 - Afternoon practice, 4:30 PM - 6:00 PM


The afternoon practice began with special teams work. Kicker Justin Medlock worked with the kickoff units and easily placed his kicks into the opposite end zone on three successive attempts. One went three yards deep into the end zone.

Has HBO hired Eddie Kennison? Shortly after practice began he was seen sneaking around with a camera and a sound crew. He snuck up behind defensive tackle Alfonso Boone and playfully filmed defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, who had a mock fistfight with the camera. This training camp is out of control!

Head coach Herm Edwards once again took control as an acting quarterback in "pitch drills," flipping the ball out to an assistant coach who served as the running back. The entire defensive team then raced downfield in pursuit of an imaginary running back. Edwards playfully "huddled up" with his fake offensive teammates before each snap.

Derrick Johnson, Napoleon Harris and Donnie Edwards were seen walking off the field together at the conclusion of practice. What was most interesting about this was seeing Johnson treat Edwards as a mentor, gesturing his hands in a possible attempt to understand a defensive concept. It's nice to see the linebacker corps bonding.

Quarterback Brodie Croyle wasn't as sharp as he was in the morning practice, but still made good on a few clutch plays. In the face of an all-out blitz near his own goal line, the second-year quarterback calmly flicked a pass to his outlet receiver, Tony Gonzalez. Later he stuck a nice ball in Michael Bennett's gut in red zone drills, leading to a touchdown.

The Chiefs had an intense session of one-on-one pass blocking drills during the middle of the afternoon practice, with seemingly every offensive linemen matched up against each defensive lineman at some point. Here's a quick rundown of the highlights:

1. Ron Edwards penetrated and beat John Welbourn with a nify spin move

2. Jared Allen blew past left tackle Will Svitek to the outside

3. Chris Bober displayed brute strength, stoning Kiki Gonzalez

4. Rookie Turk McBride followed Allen's lead and faked Svitek inside and outside, willing his way to the "quarterback (in this case a stand-in)" with a dazzling display of quickness

5. McBride impressed again on the following play with a different tactic: power. He violently shoved tackle George Batiste into the backfield.

6. Defensive end Montez Murphy took on Svitek, who bounced back from a bad start to this drill by holding up Murphy at the point of attack.

7. Tank Tyler attacked center Rudy Niswanger with such force that he penetrated into the backfield and fell down.

8. Tamba Hali put on a great show of strength, forcing offensive tackle Kevin Sampson to backpedal into the "pocket."


Bernard Pollard is going to be a big-time player. It was never more apparent than today, when he simply dominated the offense in one snap during goal-line drills. Pollard blitzed quarterback Brodie Croyle, who attempted a pass over the safety's head. In an incredible display of athleticism, Pollard jumped to deflect the pass, intercepted it, and scored a touchdown. Croyle was visibly upset.

Jared Allen was almost unblockable in the late-afternoon sun today. Will Svitek couldn't handle him on the outside rush, and couldn't contain him when he slipped inside the next time.

Kolby Smith will contribute this year. He busted another fine run off left tackle and bounced off a would-be tackler with ease as the whistle blew. Think of him as a slightly taller Frank Gore. Everyone knows I love Larry Johnson, but this kid is talented.


Jared Allen. See above. Scalding would be a more appropriate term.

I have a feeling Turk McBride is going to impress us the way Pollard did last year. He's got an incredible motor. If I had to choose, I'd take McBride over Tank, easy.


Will Svitek. See above. Just a bad day overall for the young offensive lineman, although almost all of his letdowns were at left tackle. I'd like to see him on the right side.

Patrick Surtain and Ty Law. I haven't seen either guy make a play in two practices.

Chris Terry. The Chiefs ran a two-minute drill at the very tail end of practice. Terry was beaten badly twice in a row by Tamba Hali, killing a drive. No contest whatsoever.


Same old, same old. Priest took a relaxing sip of Gatorade as he walked off the practice field at the end of the day. Don't forget to stretch, Priest!


"Button your chinstrap, Murphy!" – Defensive line coach Tim Krumrie, in the middle of defensive line drills.

"You're an equal opportunity trainer, now!" – Head coach Herm Edwards, when it was time to water his offense and defense.

"I'm 6-foot-6, 300 pounds of twisted sh**! I'm gonna blow your knee up!!!" – Krumrie, inspiring his troops during "cut block" drills.

"You're taking the damn day off!" – Krumie, pissed off at his D-line crew.


Jason Dunn, Priest Holmes and Nate Harris were notable inactives in the PM practice.

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