River Falls Recap – Tuesday, 7/31 AM Practice

Tuesday, July 31, 2007 - Morning practice, 9:08 AM - 10:30 AM.


Herm Edwards was once again paying attention to details. During position group drills early on, he was mixed in with the offensive linemen.

The Chiefs went with an interesting look in their base defense during walkthroughs. Tank Tyler and Ron Edwards were the starting defensive tackles, while Donnie Edwards and Derrick Johnson switched sides, with DJ on the weakside as he was in college. A possible preview of a package we'll see in the regular season?

Kris Wilson was running with the first team at fullback. It'll be interesting to see if Boomer Grigsby or Greg Hanoian can take his place, but right now it doesn't look that way. Grigsby did throw a nice block on linebacker Donnie Edwards during 11-on-11's later on in the day.

The Chiefs broke out an unbalanced line formation during goal-line drills at one point. Will Svitek lined up at tight end next to right tackle Chris Terry.

If any fan wanted to complain about Herm's conservative nature, today was the day. The Chiefs didn't throw deep, and most of the running plays were straight up the gut. Let's hope there's something a little more exciting later this week, because right now guys like Chris Hannon and Jeff Webb aren't getting a chance to show their downfield skills.

Cornerback Tyrone Brackenridge was once again seen running with the rest of the starting secondary in nickel packages. Is it possible the Chiefs see something in him?

Jared Allen was covering former defensive teammate Boomer Grigsby on one play. The two obviously share a friendship and playfully knocked each other around after the whistle blew. Allen and safety Bernard Pollard share the same sort of camaraderie, and repeatedly high-fived each other following 9-on-7 drills.


Note to NFL offensive coordinators – no tight end is a match for Jared Allen. KC's top pass rusher didn't have a great practice, but he dominated tight end Keith Willis on one running play, simply bulling his way into the backfield and slipping past him.

On the first play during 9-on-7's, running back Michael Bennett broke through the line and was headed for paydirt. He would've scored had the play not been whistled over.

Keyaron Fox made a few nice plays today, including one tackle for a two-yard loss, as he shot a gap at the line of scrimmage and made the play on Bennett. Later he strung out a play toward the sideline. If you ask me, Fox is far more valuable to the Chiefs than Kendrell Bell.


Left tackle Damion McIntosh is going to make a huge difference this year. I watched him very closely all practice long, and even when he was going against Jared Allen, he did a great job. I gave McIntosh a check mark everytime I thought he won a battle. I ended up with 10 checks. Here's the highlights –

* McIntosh was lined up against Allen at the snap, but Derrick Johnson (again, playing weakside) came in on a blitz. No issue for the veteran left tackle. He slid to his left and easily picked up Johnson, who never sniffed Brodie Croyle.

* The one time Allen managed to beat McIntosh, he was off balance and fell down. No sack for the Idaho State boy.

* Later on during a running play, McIntosh initially jolted defensive tackle Kiki Gonzalez at the line of scrimmage. He came off that block and sealed Kendrell Bell to the inside, clearing a path for running back Kolby Smith, who ended up with a nice gain.

Tight end Keith Willis looks like a fine blocker. He's running with the rest of the starters in two tight-end sets while Jason Dunn sits out. Every time I looked his way he was effective in his assignment, including one spectacular play when he dominated defensive end Montez Murphy.


Bernard Pollard sustained a hand injury midway through practice, and was visibly shaken. After a few minutes with trainers, he headed to the locker room. Rumor is he broke a finger, and so did defensive tackle Alfonso Boone. Greg Wesley replaced Pollard.

I haven't seen much from defensive tackle Tank Tyler at all. I was expecting much more considering the way he played in college. Hopefully he's just getting his feet under him, but right now Turk McBride looks like a much better player.


Holmes sat out once again, but was seen at the end of practice taking handoffs and catching passes from running backs coach James Saxon, and sprinting down the field. Check the board for some pictures later today.


"Don't worry about it! Go ahead and blow him up!" – Herm Edwards to an unidentified player.

"We're leaning on guys!" – Offensive line coach Mike Solari, disappointed with his unit's performance.

"Twenty of them! Twenty! Get down there! Come on!" – tight end Tony Gonzalez, playing push-up drill sergeant with fellow tight ends Jason Dunn and Keith Willis after practice."

"He just drove you 10 yards off the ball! 10 YARDS!?" – defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, chastising defensive end Montez Murphy after tight end Keith Willis dominated him on one play.

"Maybe we could buy some nachos for Priest!?" – an unidentified female Chiefs fan this morning before practice.

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