River Falls Recap: Wednesday, 8/1 AM Practice

Wednesday, August 1, 2007 - Morning practice, 9:08 AM - 10:30 AM


Defensive tackle Alfonso Boone sat out most of practice again, but did participate in one individual drill early. Word is he'll be held out for the next two weeks, however, with damage to a finger ligament.

Tyron Brackenridge was once again seen running with the first team at nickel cornerback. He's received more work there than any other defensive back in camp thus far.

The Chiefs appeared to be working on their screen passing game in practice today. All three quarterbacks took reps and completed passes to Michael Bennett, Kolby Smith and Derrick Ross.

Quarterback Damon Huard has worn a pad on his calf throughout training camp, but he's OK. He tweaked the leg working out earlier this summer.


Keyaron Fox is coming into his own as a player this offseason. Today on one play he ran stride for stride with Pro Bowl tight end Tony Gonzalez, and though Casey Printers delivered an accurate pass, Fox was right there to smack it down.

Brodie Croyle showed why he's KC's quarterback of the future toward the end of practice. As the Chiefs neared the goal line, Croyle dropped back and lofted an absolutely perfect pass in the direction of Kris Wilson, who caught it in stride and tapped down both feet in the right corner of the end zone for a 20-yard touchdown. The defensive back never had a chance to make a play on the ball.

Derrick Johnson incited the biggest cheer from the fans today right before the Chiefs headed for the locker room. Damon Huard flipped a short pass into the right flat, but #56 was right there and picked it off before heading downfield for what would have been an easy six points. Afterwards the linebacker celebrated enthusiastically with cornerback Benny Sapp and safety Bernard Pollard. It might as well have been a regular season game.


Michael Bennett continues to impress. On his best play in the morning session, he took a handoff from Brodie Croyle, darted up the middle, cut off a great block by right tackle Chris Terry and turned on the afterburners as he darted into the secondary. As the whistle blew, Bennett was winning a footrace with cornerback Tyron Brackenridge. He continues to show good hands in the passing game and decisive cuts when the Chiefs run the ball. If he keeps this up, Kansas City might not miss Larry Johnson all that much.

Derrick Ross simply flat ran over safety Chad Williams today. After accelerating through a big hole opened up by left tackle Will Svitek, Ross lowered his shoulder and the boom on Williams before picking up 20 yards, prompting cheers from the River Falls crowd. Like Bennett, Ross continued to catch the ball well today, but most importantly he didn't fumble, which was a problem in the spring and early in training camp.

Brodie Croyle had another solid session, connecting on seven of 11 passes, two of which were dropped, including a sure touchdown that slipped through the hands of Tony Gonzalez.


Left tackle Will Svitek incited the wrath of head coach Herman Edwards today after a post-play altercation. He punched rookie defensive lineman Turk McBride and was ejected from practice.

Rookie defensive tackle Tank Tyler doesn't look good at all. I watched him closely today and he's just not making much of an impact. Here's a sampling of Tyler's snaps this morning:


• Got slight penetration but was double teamed by Brian Waters and Casey Wiegmann

• Again, slight penetration, but ended up getting knocked on his backside by left tackle Damion McIntosh

• Nailed left guard Chris Bober at the line and controlled him

• Shoved completely out of the play by left tackle Will Svitek


• Stood up by Wiegmann at the line of scrimmage

• Held up by Waters on a stretch running play

• Destroyed by McIntosh at the snap, shoved into the second level by Waters

• Blown off the ball by several yards courtesy of McIntosh

• Came down the line of scrimmage and tackled Michael Bennett

• Got lost in pursuit on an outside running play

• Shoved out of the way by Bober on a play to his side

Overall, not very good, and he looks a little out of shape, too. I have a feeling Tyler will continue to work with the starters while Alfonso Boone rests. He certainly needs all the work he can get.


Priest ran sprints with Jason Dunn and Nate Harris early in practice again. Afterwards he took handoffs from running backs coach James Saxon.


"C'mon Hicks! Hit it! There you go! There you go! Now you're talkin'!" – linebackers coach Don Blackmon, running sled drills.

"You guys tired this morning? You're awfully quiet. I thought you guys were Chiefs fans?" – defensive end Jared Allen, playing with the fans during defensive line drills.

"Do not wait for the guy to catch you. RUN HIM OVER!!!" – defensive line coach Tim Krumrie.

"I don't care what coach Blackmon says! I want a man in this B gap if they run the stretch, and I want the son of a bitch down there fast!!!" – defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham, coaching up his defense during walkthroughs.

"Let's go, Will! Kick some ass!" – Offensive line coach Mike Solari, exhorting Will Svitek during 9-on-7's.

"Hey Brad? That's the way to sell it. Well done." – Solari, congratulating wide receiver Brad Ekwerekwu on a well-run route.

"He just got kicked out of the game! That's the way to go, huh?" – Head coach Herm Edwards responding to an out-of-line fan.

"I see ya, five-six!" – Edwards, in a better mood a few moments later after Derrick Johnson's spectacular interception.

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