One-On-One: Tony Richardson

Warpaint Illustrated caught up with former Kansas City fullback Tony Richardson after his Minnesota Vikings took on the Chiefs in the Mankato scrimmage.

WPI: This is your second year with the Minnesota Vikings. Last year your season didn't end the way you wanted, but how has your experience with a new team last season?

T-Rich: So far so good. I'm kind of like the senior veteran around here. Coach Childress has put me in a point of leadership. I understand my role to block for these guys, but also to teach them what to do on and off the field.

WPI: Everyone in Kansas City remains very fond of you as a person and as a football player. Do you have a message for Chiefs nation?

T-Rich: I see them all the time. I kept my home there and it's good when I make it back to Kansas City. I still keep all my projects there, like my Dictionary program, as well as all my other things. I just hope when I come to Kansas City in Week 3 that they don't boo me.

WPI: Can you talk a little bit about the difference in playing an AFC style of football versus an NFC style of football?

T-Rich: You know, it was different for me because the guys are bigger. Our rivals in Kansas City were Denver, San Diego and the Raiders. Now it's the black and blue division. with teams like the Bears and Packers. When I first met (Vikings tackle) Bryant McKinnie, I thought "man, where did this guy come from?" Obviously Willie Roaf was a big guy, then you meet a monster like Steve Hutchinson. I was used to guys like Will Shields and Brian Waters, who are not real big guys, but they were very strong and athletic.

In this division, they really draft big. I mean I look out and see (Chicago Bears linebacker) Brian Urlacher who stands 6-foot-5 and 260 pounds at linebacker, so it's definitely a different decision.

WPI: What's it like hitting Brian Urlacher?

T-Rich: He packs a pretty big punch. But he's a very good football player. I've built a very good relationship with him over the last year. Top Stories