One on One: Kyle Turley

After the Mankato scrimmage, Warpaint Illustrated took a few minutes with veteran offensive tackle Kyle Turley. He talked about his chances to make this team, bulking up this offseason and how he feels about head coach Herm Edwards.

WPI: Obviously you wanted another chance at playing in the NFL. You signed right before training camp. How has this camp gone for you thus far?

Kyle Turley: You know, it's training camp, it's one of those so-called necessary evils that they try and sell you on. But Herm Edwards is a great coach and he's good with veterans like me. On the other hand I look at some of the Vikings and they (the vets) have been through a lot more than we have. So you're thankful for what you got. You know training camp is hard, and you have to fight through it. But I'm just here just trying to win a job.

WPI: Obviously you bulked up in the offseason, and you're back at the tackle position playing at a weight that allowed you to have great success in the NFL. You have to be excited about that, right?

Turley: Yeah I am. I dedicated myself to putting that size back on. I did it once before in college. I was an outside linebacker, I weighed 235 pounds and they switched me to offensive line. There was a senior in front of me who weighed in over 300 pounds so I knew what I had to do. I did, and I beat the senior out of his job. I ended up starting four years at tackle at San Diego State.

I learned along the way that my body was not a natural 300-pound frame. I knew it wouldn't stay on, so I really had to dedicate myself and stay focused. I had to get detailed with my diet and everything I ate, all the proper supplements, because as you get older especially you stop producing certain things in your body naturally after a certain age. There are legal things out there like Creatine, other good multi-vitamins and glutamine supplements, plus a lot of protein obviously, and sticking to a strict diet. But here I am back where I wanted to be with the Chiefs.

WPI: Talk about this training camp for you. This seems to be a different training camp. Herm Edwards is a lot more vocal and to me there seems to be a lot more camaraderie amongst the players. What do you think?

Kyle Turley: He's kept the core guys over last year. The leaders in the locker room, and guys he wanted to form his program around. Last year he was in his first year and he inherited some guys who weren't necessarily his choice. In that first year he had to evaluate. In the second year he began to bring in his guys. I really like what he and the organization have done. Just watching on the sidelines when I'm not doing drills, you can see that there is a lot of talent here.

WPI: Everyone seems to have an opinion on the quarterback situation. You've been in the NFL for many years and you've played both with a veteran quarterback and a young quarterback. Talk about Damon Huard and Brodie Croyle.

Kyle Turley: I've had both situations. With a veteran quarterback who knows what he's doing out there, and on the other hand you have young guys who have phenomenal talent and play with a reckless environment. If they can control it and play smart, they can be successful. In St. Louis we had Marc Bulger. In fact, he was with us in New Orleans and nobody gave him a chance, or the time of day, as a sixth-round draft choice. He went to St. Louis and look at him now. He just signed a $60 million contract.

I think Brodie Croyle is going to be one of those guys, but at the same time you have a guy like Damon Huard who is an accountable guy and also a high quality quarterback who can win football games for you. He did a tremendous job for us a year ago. They're in a heated competition and that's what you want, because eventually as they say the cream will rise to the top. Top Stories